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Lil Tip: Santa's Happy Customers

I just took my lil angel for her first Santa picture and was anxious to see her reaction to the long white bearded man cloaked in red. Luckily, she did pretty well and didn't push out that pouty lower lip until the last minute of her photo session. As I grabbed her out of Santa's hands, he gave me a great pointer that I'd like to share with you.

Before visiting Santa again, pull out the previous year's pictures to get your child excited about seeing the jolly guy. She'll be fired up to go back and visit him. Santa claims to have had many happy customers year after year based on his wise counsel.

I hope this comes early enough for you to try it this holiday season, I'll be trying it next year!

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Neural Neural 9 years
JennyJen-- that is such a great idea!!! More photographers should have a set up like that. I bet you can fool a lot of the babies and toddlers that way. That is so clever. Love it.
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
last year was great - this year meltdown. We went to a professional photographer in town who runs a special for one day when you can get the pictures with Santa and they were awesome. They actually had Santa walk out of the room and sneak back in behind his sleigh, which we had her sitting in. When we said one two three he popped up, got in the picture and she never knew he was there!
Neural Neural 9 years
Jen-- I think I might have had to say something. Even if it was indirect like, "Please, Honey, let's not have a meltdown. We'll be done in just a couple of seconds!" And I may have tried to approach if it was possible, just to give them some more HINTS. Some people! Sheesh!
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Neural - I wouldn't have cared if we were still in line, but we had already been ushered in and were standing around right in front of Santa. :irk:
Neural Neural 9 years
Jen76: Smack that dad! I mean, holding up the line for 5 minutes? What's that all about???
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
What if your pictures last year are of her sobbing on Santa's lap? :rotfl: Honestly, I think you can do a little to help out the situation. But, different personalities react differently. My son has always been pretty ok with Santa. My daughter never has been - even with her older brother right there with her. I thought I had her fairly well prepared this year. But, then just as the elves were leading us up to Santa, the previous family's Dad came bounding back and talked to Santa for almost FIVE MINUTES while my daughter got progressively more hysterical. :irk: What are ya gonna do?
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