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Size of Toddler's Brain Section May Signal Autism

Size of Toddler's Brain Section May Signal Autism

Sixty-seven American children are diagnosed with autism each day so it's no wonder why parents worry about their youngsters and watch for signs of the developmental disorder. A new study of 2-year-old children suggested that one area of the brain offered insight. The report said:

"We believe that children with autism have normal-sized brains at birth but at some point, in the latter part of the first year of life, it [the amygdala] begins to grow in kids with autism. And this study gives us insight inside the underlying brain mechanism so we can design more rational interventions," said lead study author Dr. Joseph Piven.

The amygdala gland helps with the processing of things like faces and emotions. Doctors hope this finding will eventually help them be able to diagnose autism at an earlier age.

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lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
well maybe this is true for a subset of kids on the autism spectrum, but not for my daughter. she had an mri and it came out "clean", no abnormalities at all. and if this were true, why are the brains bigger? would it be in reaction to something in the environment, an infection, etc.
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