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Did This Dad Take Tough-Love Parenting Too Far?

One Florida father has some serious explaining to do after a video of him kicking his 6-year-old off the edge of a skateboarding ramp at a local skate park went viral — and has many outraged. According to reports, the dad claims he did it to teach his budding skateboarder a lesson: "He said 'because he needs to learn.'"

Unfortunately, it appears to be another case of parents taking their kids' extracurricular activities way too seriously and pushing their children too far (though in this case, it was literal). The Florida Department of Children and Families has been notified and will take further action if it sees fit.

The boy is physically fine after the fall, but simply watching it breaks my mama-bear heart. I'm all for teaching lessons, and sometimes those lessons do need to be tough, but in my opinion, this is taking it way too far. What do you think?

Source: Instagram user lilbubs; Front Page Image Source: Flickr user Tobias Abel

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PaigeBlansett PaigeBlansett 3 years

There is a reason for CPS. Children can't protect themselves from idiotic, inpatient, ill-tempered or over zealous parents. A parent's #1 responsibility is look out for the well-being and safety of their child. If the parent does not know how or refuses to put THAT priority first, then that is when the state HAS to step in the the protection of the child.

andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

I can honestly say that I would lose my mind there would be a lot more to this video like the part where I kick my husband in the balls and ask him how it feels to be abused by someone that is supposed to protect you. This is abuse and he knows it that`s why he walked off.

mnwatson1 mnwatson1 3 years

This is just another example of ignorance in parenting. Do people occasionally have to "push" their kids? Of course. But not literally. Certainly not off of a vertical drop, either. If the kid was scared to do it, he should have been reassuring him, or helping him, or just let the kid not do it. Simple enough. But to physically shove the kid off like that was completely uncalled for and unbelievably ignorant. If he's willing to do that ON CAMERA, what does he do to that poor kid when nobody's around?

fnnkybutt fnnkybutt 3 years

Right! So when someone is out on the street, beating their kid with a two by four, we should all just butt out - the parents know best! And when a parent doesn't feed their child for days as punishment for a dirty diaper, hey - they probably know best too! I get ya! They don't need to be judged, we should be supporting them for having the courage to make the hard decisions!

(Yes, this was all sarcasm. You're an idiot, Simetra)

LauraBurgett1376938173 LauraBurgett1376938173 3 years

Oh, and this poll has nothing to do with the government--it's just regular people, most of whom are appalled at the "father's" behavior. Used to be, the father would be taken to task by his neighbors for hurting his child.

LauraBurgett1376938173 LauraBurgett1376938173 3 years

What this guy did was more than a mistake--it was abuse. And, many people--law enforcement officers, teachers, child care workers, etc--are REQUIRED to report abuse when they see it. Part of the reason we step in in such cases is because the abused kid has no say in his plight, and could be in further danger from his father. This kid could have broken his neck and died from what his father did to him; at the very least, he is likely to be terrorized by his father as a result of the father's actions, mental terror and stress, which actually causes brain damage, arrested development, and a whole host of other physical and mental and cognitive problems throughout the kid's life. It's absolutely our government's responsibility to keep him safe.

Rebecca-Ellen14506289 Rebecca-Ellen14506289 3 years

Thanks for the follow up information. Any more to date?

JAM282 JAM282 3 years

Poor kid :-( That is definitely reckless endangerment by any definition I'm aware of. The saddest part is the kid is looking up to his dad, clearly trying to work up the guts to drop in on this big scary ramp for the first time so as not to disappoint the idiot who has so little regard for his safety. The only thing this toolbox did was lose his son's trust, risk his son's safety, and NOT teach him ANYTHING about how to skateboard. Plus, he may got to jail (but this is Florida sooo, probably not).

JennaDrady JennaDrady 3 years

OMG! This is horrible!!! It broke my heart to watch this video! People are so sick, and I for one am not satisfied with hearing that the Florida department of children and families has been notified and will take further action "IF it sees fit" Something had better be done here. I hope there is an update

kjforce kjforce 3 years

There are Parents and there are " Pa rants "....this father appears to be the latter. These type of parents are usually immature, lack confidence in themselves and " bullying " is a common place attitude, it makes them feel empowered. Abuse is abuse, and this father should be ashamed and his behavior needs to be addressed. People who decide to become Parents should have to undergo testing, and if they fail, ALL measures of EVER becoming a Parent should be " APPARANT "...and denied....

haifaayousef1383554867 haifaayousef1383554867 3 years

if he jumped with him holding his hand i will not say it is child abuse

RowenaMarshall RowenaMarshall 3 years

prick.. body language says it all.

AbimbolaAbolarinwa AbimbolaAbolarinwa 3 years

Some parents mistakenly force their dreams and aspirations on their children and brainwash them that its for their future good. What pains me is the way he walked off. Didn't even wait see the outcome of his "lesson". He is just a brutal man!!!! Poor boy. Mothers should learn to speak up. This is extreme. If a mother can not protect her child, who can?.... We need to be more proactive with our children's care, because evil can come from anywhere even within the family

DawnGooden DawnGooden 3 years

I am ALL for tough love, but this is just WAAAYYYY too far!

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