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Sleep Training Baby 2010-03-12 12:00:04

Do You Believe Parents Can Influence Babies' Sleep Habits?

Some parents would give their right arm just to get their lil one to sleep through the night. They read books, consult the web, and even hire trainers to come in and coach their nocturnal tykes. While there are various philosophies when it comes to coaching your wee one to sleep through the night, Dr. Richard Ferber's self-soothing techniques continue to prevail among sleep-deprived parents.

A new study conducted by Canada's Today's Parent found that 69 percent of parents believe that controlled-crying techniques work if parents implement them properly, but more than half of the parents surveyed said it didn't work for them, meaning most parents don't believe they are implementing the philosophy correctly. A further look at the study showed that parents who enter sleep training with the belief that they can influence how their tot gets his shut-eye were more likely to be successful with the process.

Do you believe that mom and dad can train a baby to sleep?

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