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OnSugar Blog: Catching Flak for Catching Zzzz's

Lots of moms think out loud, and Jo Aaron does too. Catching Flak for Catching Zzzz's comes from the Mommy Brain blog on OnSugar.

My son is 2. When he was 4-months, he gave up his 3 AM bottle, went to sleep at 7 PM and woke up around 7 AM.  By 12 months, he was sleeping even later in the morning. He'd wake up around 8 AM and go back down for his morning nap at 9 AM for two hours. After a playdate and lunch, he was ready for his afternoon nap which lasted for about 2-3 hours. He's still on this schedule minus the morning nap.

Want to hate me more? As soon as I put him in his crib, kiss his little face, start the U2 lullaby CD that my husband is hoping will subconsciously encourage him to be his generation's Bono, within minutes, he's sound asleep. Come on, at 28 months, he still can't say mommy so put your middle finger down, okay?


I get that my kid is not the norm; I get that most kids require a little more finessing into dreamland; I get that most kids like to make sure mommy and daddy see the sunrise or tempt their folks into a deep depression by crying their eyes out before they finally give into the sandman. It's just not his way. Oh yeah, and my daughter is a sleeper too.

So what role did I play in sleep training my kids? Well, it was simple — I read the books, threw out the books, and then bought the right supplies. I also gave myself permission to sleep after the first four months of both of my children's lives.

Want to see what the right supplies are and how the Real Housewives fit into the tale? Read the rest of Jo Aaron's post here. Start following OnSugar blog Mommy Brain or start your own OnSugar blog. We may just feature your content on LilSugar.

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MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
My 4 month old son is a great sleeper. My 2 1/2 yo is still a completely crappy sleeper who wakes up at every sound.. JUST like I do. I'm big on routines too, it really helps.
starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
lickety, you made me laugh. I only have one daughter (11 months) and it's really hard to be humble when you have the coolest kid around. She's a great sleeper and basically always in a good mood....And it's because I'm just so great at parenting, right? ;) It's hard not to think others must be doing something wrong with their crying babes...But I actually know I just got lucky.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
I have 3 girls. Number 2 was the best sleeper, eater. Super easy baby. She's 11 now. S gets all "A's", great athlete, polite, kind, giving. She makes mommy look good :). Then there are her sisters! There's going to be 1 (or 2) that keep you humble. I've often said, if my middle daughter was my only child: I would just think other parents didn't know how to effectively parent.
justabby justabby 6 years
My son is 27 months and also a great sleeper. I don't remember trying to train him, I just felt routine was very important. I did get good advice from my pediatrician at 4 months she recommended putting him to bed before he was sound to sleep so he would learn to sooth himself to sleep. Luckily we did not have really any crying spells but I do agree with Jo that you don't need to get up at every little peep or cry. You know your babies cry and will know when it is one you need to get up. My little sleeper goes to bed at 8 pm and wakes at 9 am. He then naps at 1pm for 3 hours. I think routine is important and he is not surprised when it is nap or bedtime. I only have to say it is nap or bedtime and he will find Patches (his stuff dog) and walk to his bedroom on his own and wait by the crib at nap time to put him in. At night he knows we get dressed in our pj's then read 2 books followed by Mom and Dad singing to him. He hugs and kisses us and happily lays down. I now have a 2 month old and everyone tells me I can not possibly have 2 good sleepers. Thanks Jo for proof you can have 2 good sleepers. I also take every chance to nap when they do and don't feel guilty at all. It is very true that if Mom is not rested and happy the house is not happy and everyone is crabby. Thanks Jo for a great blog post.
Relli80 Relli80 6 years
I am at 16 months with an excellent sleeper and everyone keeps telling me..... just wait. So thank you for confirming that good sleep habits do carry on. I was like the Sleep Nazi when i started training my son. I like you read all the books and theories and then promptly trashed it in my brain and did what i thought he would respond well to. I just knew that there was no way i could be up all night with him and still be a human being in the morning for work. At first my partner had a difficult time enforcing the rules, but now he sees the fruit of that early training and appreciates it when our baby sleeps until 10 am on some weekends. I hope the transition to the toddler bed won't break his routine.
luvmy2kids luvmy2kids 6 years
This confirms the worst advice my pediatrician ever gave me: Let my baby cry herself to sleep. After 30 minutes of intense screaming, I just had to go in to Jamie's room and sure enough, she had vomitted all over the crib and was clearly in need of my attention. The lesson to be learned? ALWAYS trust your mommy instincts, and take the experts' advice with a grain of salt (or a few grains). Thanks for sharing, Jo!
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