Maybe you've scooted around on your kid's trike or squeezed your tush into his favorite chair, but have you ever crawled into your tot's crib to cuddle up with him? I'm guilty of it.

When my daughter was about three weeks old, we moved her into her crib so she would learn to like it without ever knowing anything different. A blessing and a curse, she cherishes her sleeping spot so much that I could never convince her to nap with me. To see what I did in a moment of insanity,


Craving a good snuggle, I desperately crawled into her crib to lay down with her. Upon noticing mommy's arrival, my darling was not impressed. I must have sounded off the intruder alert, as she shot up and said, "No!" and pushed herself up against the railing. I am heartbroken but still hopeful that one day she will want to cuddle up with me. At the same time, I am proud that little miss independent savors her own space.

Have you dared to climb into your child's crib?