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Did You Give Up All Your Vices When You Got Pregnant?

We all have our guilty pleasures, but when a new life comes into play, it's time to give them up . . . or so we thought. A recently released study from the Center For Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality was intended to evaluate the breakdown of substance use during pregnancy by race. But the outcome that shocks us most is that one in five women smoke while they're pregnant! Of those, Caucasian women are most likely to smoke, followed by black women, and then Hispanics.

When it comes to consuming alcohol, Caucasian and black women are about equally likely (12 percent) to imbibe during pregnancy, while Hispanic women are least likely.

Back in 2009, expectant mom Rebecca Gayheart caused a stir when she was spotted smoking, and in a more recent (and perhaps less extreme) example of pregnant celebs behaving badly, Kourtney Kardashian was seen with highlighted tresses. Now we're wondering . . . did you give up your bad habits when you were pregnant?

Barbara2724236 Barbara2724236 5 years
With all we know today, any women who smokes, drinks, or uses drugs while pregnant should be charged with a crime!
Barbara2724236 Barbara2724236 5 years
 @Krystal2723729 and another didn't know you were pregnant until you were 7 months along?!! You didn't know because you didn't WANT to know.  
Barbara2724236 Barbara2724236 5 years
 @Krystal2723729 Your doctor is an idiot if he told you to keep smoking. It sounds like bull to me anyway, I can't imagine any doctor saying that! With everything we know today about the dangers of smoking on the unborn baby you are a fool in denial if you thinks it's ok to smoke! I was a smoker too, but I quite the moment I knew I was pregnant and that was over 30 years ago. Now we know much more. Your baby came out healthy because you were lucky. You played russian roulette with your baby's life and you got lucky that is all!
Wendi2723835 Wendi2723835 5 years
i never  cared for drinking so it was never an issue. i did quit smoking the moment i found out and when i ended up starting back up i quit  nursing. when i got preg w #2 i quit for good.  the slip ups i had were with deli sandwiches and hair dye.
Krystal2723729 Krystal2723729 5 years
I drank up until I found out that I was pregnant with my son. But, the bad thing is that I didnt find out til I was 7 months along!  My doctor actually advised against quitting smoking, seeing as I had already been smoking and quitting might give the baby withdrawls. I didnt chain smoke like I had before but I did cut down A LOT!  All I have to say is that he came out just fine with no complications and 5 years later is the smartest one in his class! 
kwalkerhehall kwalkerhehall 5 years
Everything in moderation!
Lacey2723600 Lacey2723600 5 years
I did not consume alcoholic beverages while I was knowingly pregnant. But I was two months along in my first pregnancy before I even thought it odd my period wasn't coming so I did consume in the first two months the first time. (Not heavily...just a "social drinker.")   I did however smoke (cigarettes) all three of my pregnancies.   And no, no illegal drugs.
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