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Sneak Peek: Season Premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8

Sneak Peek: Somber Season Premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8

For anyone who's questioned the authenticity of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8, you might want to watch this sneak peek of the redone fifth season premiere. It will likely have longtime Gosselin fans or those rooting for the couple's marriage (despite recent tabloid reports) shedding a tear. In what looks to be a rather somber show opener, Jon and Kate are interviewed separately.

After four seasons of watching them laugh, banter, and bicker on the oversize chair, these individual segments really set the tone of their marital reality. The episode also covers the sextuplets' 5th birthday party, where the kiddos were all smiles and seemed to genuinely enjoy the festivities. The show airs next Monday.

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TallTJ TallTJ 8 years
Frank- Oh please. I meant no harm to Mady in saying what I did. If you have ever seen one of her melt downs you know that as she grew older she would regret seeing it on National television for people to judge (me included, and you too, judging Cara). She has been acting that way from the beginning, it's a part of who she is, not as a result of the marriage. I love this show, and the children, and am glad they aren't using Mady's temper tantrums as a part of the show, b/c I always felt for her in seeing them, b/c she would lose control and it would be forever documented in the show. Maybe just read a comment for what it is, and not look for malicious subtext. I was commending them for making a good decision for their kid rather than good television.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
BUT!!! I definitely give them kudos for having them stop showing Mady's stupid tantrums. (did you notice they really didn't show them this year, they just referred to them in the interview portion?) They were infuriating, Mady was/is a brat, and I think they realized she'll (hopefully) look back on those and really regret being so ugly. So good for them for protecting her on that front. Inappropriate. You don't know this child from nobody and I think it's disrespectful to call her outside of her name. Mady's personality just requires a lot of attention and they can't really happen when there is 7 other siblings. And it may be getting worse because the marriage is deteriorating. Cara is having more tantrums too (and she hardly had tantrums before). I think that it's proof that the whole situation is becoming unbearable the sextuplets are still to little to understand what's happening but the twins know exactly what's going on. I think you need to take all that aggression (or whatever that is) and point that towards Jon and Kate.
TallTJ TallTJ 8 years
It definitely brought a tear to my eye, being a long time fan of the show (from the beginning). But it IS interesting to think back to how Kate's changed. I do think when it started they thought it'd be fun to have a show to document the baby's early years and all that, and then as time went on, Kate got a little too caught up in all the cool free stuff she was getting/the fame. I thought at the season 4 opener in Hawaii when she and Jon were settling on all of the wedding things she was acting like quite the diva, wearing shades, not tasting the cakes, and her attitude towards the coordinator. BUT!!! I definitely give them kudos for having them stop showing Mady's stupid tantrums. (did you notice they really didn't show them this year, they just referred to them in the interview portion?) They were infuriating, Mady was/is a brat, and I think they realized she'll (hopefully) look back on those and really regret being so ugly. So good for them for protecting her on that front.
lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
It breaks my heart
kurniakasih kurniakasih 8 years
I watched the season 4 finale the other day. Whoa, I saw how 'changed' they are compared to the much older episodes. ITA, Coral, Kate basically cut off Jon from saying anything, it's so annoying to watch. It's good to hear that he's actually going to have talk-time although most likely I'm not going to catch a lot of the next season. I think that Jon's first mistake is quitting his job, he seems 'lost' and prone to being even more emasculated by his more aggressive and outspoken wife. He also lost that ability to kind of shoot her down (Kate's bossiness and controlling nature have always been there since the older episodes) or downplay Kate's bossiness/controlling nature with jokes because he's now way emasculated. He may be one of those people who need a 'job' (because they're 'men' and they're supposed to be the 'provider' type of guy). It's odd to see how disconnected a couple is. And Kate didn't seem to care/notice how unhappy he was, which is so weird. She even tried to make 'light' of it, which infuriated me to see because at least she should/could react more compassionately toward the man she married and have those children with. Hmmm. Which said to me that she might have checked out of their marriage emotionally a long time ago (not just Jon) or she just took him for granted because he was an 'easy' target and assumed he'd not leave. That's sad to see people's marriage deteriorating due to any type of reality show.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I think they had to do separate interviews just so John could get a word in edgewise.
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
I personally don't think they are going to get a divorce, but they are definately playing up the rumors by doing separate interviews. It's good TV!
catchawhale catchawhale 8 years
Stella: 1) They have talked recently about there, "helpers", "babysitters", and "chefs" who prepare food on filming days. 2) In recent episodes they have addressed their families good fortune. One episode was all about giving back. The whole family went shopping for Christmas gifts to give to charity. In another episode, they went back to visit the Ronald McDonald House that they stayed at when the sextuplets were born. To express their thanks they made a donation to the charity since they are now "financially able to." 3) Again, they have recognized how lucky they are that they get to go on trips and vacations for free. They've never tried to hide or deny it. Just because they get these things doesn't make them any less a family (keeping in mind that there's no such thing as a "normal" family).
luckyme luckyme 8 years
Somber is the perfect word, particularly for Jon.'s sad. I will say that I disagree with Kate's statement about "doing EVERYTHING for her children." First and foremost, that is obviously not the right way to make a marriage work. You can't put EVERYTHING into your children as it's not healthy and will crumble the foundation of whatever you started with. There needs to remain some focus on your relationship and communication or your family will fall apart. However, that's all a moot point as I disagree that she is doing this all for her children. That's such a bunch of crap. I honestly believe if that were the case, this show would not be on anymore.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Jon looks like a beatdown man, and of course Kate keeps marching on, oblivious to his unhappiness. Her brother even said they have an agreement that he can see other people.
kia kia 8 years
Should be interesting. I love seeing these kids. They seem pretty sweet. Perhaps if they were corralled from the start with a web cam like the Shiba Inu 6 with no spotlight on their parents things could have worked out differently. It is really disturbing how much papparrazzi chases them around now. At least they know the film crew.
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