Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, and Victoria Beckham are a few moms who don't let children get in the way of fashion. Sporting heels at the beach, playground, or pool are no big deal to these glam mommies. More in tune with Jennifer Garner's sneaker style or Reese Witherspoon's flats fetish, I don't bother much with heels.
This Summer, however, has thrown me into a tizzy with weddings galore on beaches, lawns, and other outdoor settings. Thankfully, I've got Sole Mates to lend me a helping, well, heel. The plastic heel covers are intended to keep your slim sticks from sinking into grass, grates, or other tough-to-manage surfaces. The $20 accessories spared my Jimmy Choos an untimely death and me the embarrassment of popping up and down in the turf. They also allowed me to chase my wee one around the lawn without hesitation. I dare say some of my mom friends had mom envy.