A child of the 70s, I clearly recall some of my elementary school teachers using physical means to get some students to behave. Things are much different in the 21st century, or at least one might think. Though only legal in some parts of 21 states, Principal David Nixon of Calhoun Hills, South Carolina, has taken to using his paddle to discipline his pupils. Oddly enough, it was one of the parents who tipped him off to the idea. His first day on the job, a father told him, "I want to give you the authority to whip my son's butt." As the new boss at a severely struggling public school, the 31-year-old head honcho literally started taking matters into his own hands and began spanking mischievous pupils when he deemed necessary.

Fortunately for the youngsters, he didn't find it mandatory all that often, but many teachers and parents credit his practices for putting the school and its students on a better path. Not always the image of doom, the young authoritarian also knows how to celebrate the kids' accomplishments. He throws pizza parties for good test scores and arranges school pageants.

Consistent with the state law, Nixon gives parents the choice to allow or deny corporal punishment by school officials. Since 73 percent of lilsugar readers are admitted spankers, I'm curious to know, would you give your child's school permission to pop your child?

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