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Spanking Linked to Aggression

Study Says Spanking Creates Aggressive Behavior

Another day, another study about the long-term effects of spanking on lil ones' overall behavior, but this one may put an end to the debate once and for all. Earlier this year, researchers found that children between the ages of two and six grew up to be happier and more successful than those who had never been hit. But today's study, which followed 2,500 tots, found that using corporal punishment on toddlers can lead to aggression in preschoolers.

Unlike previous studies, Tulane researchers took other factors, such as stress, substance abuse, and physical abuse of the parents into account this time and still found a link between spanking and aggression. In their report, researchers noted that 3 year olds who were spanked three times or more the previous month were 50 percent more likely to be disobedient – or bullies – at 5 years old.

Seventy-five of LilSugar readers said they spank their kids. Does this new study change your opinion on the matter?

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Studio16 Studio16 7 years
A light swat on the bum with your open hand is one thing, a repeating striking with a belt is another. These studies are getting ridiculous, let everyone parent the way he or she sees fit. If spanking doesn't work for your kids, great, but many people find it to be effective, just as some find it ineffective.
Lyv Lyv 7 years
Well duh. Children see, children do.
miss-leanne miss-leanne 7 years
I think I'll go ahead and disagree with this one. I have memories of my mother spanking my brother and I when we were little and neither of us are aggressive at all. Actually, embarrassing as it is, I even refuse to kill bugs. Of course, I didn't like the punishment at the time, but looking back I'm very thankful. I grew up being very respectful and feeling shame for my friends who were rude brats :) I love my parents!
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