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Spanking May Increase Mental Illnesses

Spanking May Increase Mental Illnesses

New research suggests that being on the receiving end of physical punishment during childhood increases the risk of mental disorders in adulthood, from mood and anxiety disorders to drug and alcohol abuse. The study defined physical punishment as spanking, pushing, grabbing, shoving, slapping and hitting, "even in the absence of more severe maltreatment."

According to the research between 2 and 7 percent of mental health disorders among study participants were attributed to physical punishment.

Read the whole story (ABC News).

Image Source: Sillly Lovely Darling via Flickr/Creative Commons

SamanthaBosley57780 SamanthaBosley57780 5 years
I think spanking being the cause of mental disorders is a pretty brash correlation. I don't think it means much. How about, we have MORE people being diagnosed with mental illnesses than we did even 20 years ago? I think there are many factors increasing mental illness among adults, but I think for the most part, it probably has little to do with childhood punishment. Even so, I don't happen to think spanking is a good method of discipline in general for all children. It may work for some, but not for all.
SamanthaBosley57780 SamanthaBosley57780 5 years
@Sarah Marshall Shuping No, you're totally wrong there. The fact that spankings had no effect on me made me a smart kid. I was smart enough to know that spankings are temporary and accomplish nothing. Associating spankings with bad behavior isn't a reflection of intelligence. If a child is spanked regularly, it's common sense for them to surmise that bad behavior equals a spanking. I knew if I did something wrong, I could get spanked. It wasn't a deterrent because I knew spankings weren't a big deal. I got through one before and I could do it again. If anything, spankings taught me to HIDE the bad things I was doing better in order to get away with them. It also taught me that acting out physically is an appropriate response when someone does something you don't think is okay. It's funny how we spank and then expect children not to spank or hit someone else if that person does something they feel is unjust to them. I knew what was up and the only thing that worked for me was taking away the privileges I loves best and making me earn them back with good behavior. Thanks for the insult though : )
DeborahMessmer DeborahMessmer 5 years
I thought Circle of Moms was created to help parents not cause everyone on here to bash each other and cause more issues.... I was spanked as a kid and so were my sisters and none of us have any issues.... and yes I spank my kids too.... I have seen parents do much worse to their kids like using TV as a baby sitter and parents not controlling how much and what their children eat.. I remember going though college and having one of my professors teach how time outs were damaging and now every one is on this spanking kick and how we should now use other ways like time outs.....
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