Babytalk magazine just announced its 2007 Stinky Diaper Awards. And it's no shocker that Tinseltown's queen of mama drama, Britney Spears, topped the list of the worst parenting offenders. The pop singer made the 2006 list for failing to secure son Sean Preston in his car seat, but this year the 26-year-old's laundry list of motherly mishaps made her an obvious choice for the Mommy Run Amok award. And made Kevin Federline's actions look admirable. Here's more from a Babytalk press release:

"Every mom makes her fair share of childcare mistakes, but Britney Spears' recent behavior has hit an all-time parenting low," said Susan Kane, editor-in-chief of Babytalk. "Spears landed on the top of Babytalk's 2007 Stinky Diapers list for a number of reasons: drinking and smoking around the kids; allegedly filling their bottles with soda and feeding them chewing gum (an obvious choking hazard); neglecting to childproof her home. and several well-publicized driving indiscretions."