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Special Delivery: Chicken Pox?

Special Delivery: Chicken Pox?

Some parents are choosing not only to skip giving their children the chicken pox vaccine, but to intentionally infect them... with traces of the virus they get from people online! Closed Facebook groups and other sites where parents can request infected lollipops, saliva samples, and articles of clothing are popping up all over the Internet. The goal is to spread the means to infect children with the chicken pox virus.

Critics points out that not only is sending viruses or human bodily fluids through the postal service illegal, but the chicken pox virus probably would not even survive the mailing. It's more likely that a disease like strep, staph, and hepatitis B will be spread this way.

Read the whole story (Huffington Post)

Moms, would you deliberately infect your child with chicken pox?

Image Source: anaulin via Flickr/Creative Commons

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kimberleylloyd93656 kimberleylloyd93656 5 years
soooooo discusting that parents are doing this to their children.
JeniDodge JeniDodge 5 years
I cannot understand why any parent would take this sort of a risk with their children's health. I feel much safer having my kids receive their vaccinations in the controlled setting of our doctor's office.
StephanieTroughton StephanieTroughton 5 years
I have often thought that if one of my girlfriend's lil ones got it then we would go for a playdate with the intention of picking Chickenpox up but NO never give my child a chickenpox lolly! whats next an old tramps tissue?? I agree it is better to get these things during childhood as they can cause complications in adulthood,but these things can't be monitored it is the luck of the draw when and if your child gets these illnesses and also how badly they suffer.....sometimes I think the world's gone mad!!
samanthanotenboomcurtis samanthanotenboomcurtis 5 years
i think this is pure madness...god knows what is on those pops...yeah i have heard of pox parties etc and yeah i can understand parents doing it years ago but we have an injection kids didnt get the shot, not through choice but circumstance..they both had chickenpox and it was horrible but they got over it really quickly especially my 2yrs old son...i however spent the following 4 weeks petrified..i have never had chickenpox or anything like that...sorry but it literally scares the wits out of me to think of catching them at 33! or worse older! so just to show you can expose someone to virus, doesnt mean they will catch it!
AmandaGonzales39695 AmandaGonzales39695 5 years
I would rather my son get chicken pox than the vaccine for the simple fact that the antibodies gained from the infection are stronger than the ones from the vaccine
EmilySerlis EmilySerlis 5 years
OMG...are people that sick, I had it as a kid....but would I put my daughter throught that NO....maybe some of these people should get educated a little more
CoMMember13631173417562 CoMMember13631173417562 5 years
ElizabethLarlhamOala ElizabethLarlhamOala 5 years
First, Andra, you are actually MORE likely to get Shingles at some point in your life, because you had Pox. Once you've had a virus of any kind it never leaves your system. Pox can, and does mutate into Shingles, Menegitis, and Eppstein Barr. It's even been linked to Fibromyalgia. I had Pox so badly when I was in Preschool that I was nearly hospitalized, they were in my ears, eyes, nose, mouth, down my throat, and evey other place you can imagine (and some you just don't want to!) As a teenager I was diagnosed with Eppstein Barr, as an adult I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. One morning in December of 08 I woke up, made a cup of coffee, and spoke to my MIL on the phone, the next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital bed with a doctor standing over me asking if I knew who I was, who the POTUS was, who my husband and children were, etc. I have ABSOLUTELY NO memory of the intervening time, because I had come down with Menegitis/Encephalitis due to my severe Pox as a child. When I'm older I'll absolutely be getting vaccinated for Shingles. Pox isn't a joke, and it's not just some childhood illness, either.
LoriMcCracken7100 LoriMcCracken7100 5 years
Need a remind the world that the reasons we have vaccines is because children DIE from getting infected.
JennHutzenbiler JennHutzenbiler 5 years
I have to be honest, I get really annoyed when I hear parents say their child haven't caught a virus that is routinely given to kids as a vaccine. You can thank all of the parents that have their children vaccinated that! Though it is not common children as well as adult can die from this virus. Whats next. .. polio pops?
AnaCalero AnaCalero 5 years
This is freakin disgusting.
SamanthaStallard SamanthaStallard 5 years
Exposing children to the chicken pox is nothing new, parents used to call one another to let them know their children had the virus so they could schedule play dates, it is better to have the virus earlier than later in life, however parents should know there are many risks to all childhood diseases...I have vacinated my children and only one had a small break out. With vacinations it is important to do so with much consideration and educating yourself
kristenmendarte kristenmendarte 5 years
look i understand that the chicken pox has worse consequences as we get older and not have it but that is a bit extreame.......i mean really.....through the mail? how do u even know thats what ur getting or even if the disease itself is going to survive that long? and if u really want to expose ur kids to that cant they just be around somebody in person that has it or get the vaccine to reduce the chances of it?
AndraHoots AndraHoots 5 years
I wouldn't want the virus through the mail, but to be perfectly honest, it is better to have the virus when they are small than to either get the vaccine, or not have it until they are older. I had it as a child, and I know I will not get it again. Nor will I have to deal with shingles. My children, though not vaccinated, have never had any childhood diseases...and I have 5 of the sweet darlings. My oldest turns 21 this week. My youngest is 6. They are all incredibly healthy!
LouMcLeod LouMcLeod 5 years
Gosh that's so extreme. My daughter has chicken pox at the moment and its not fun at all. I certainly would not send her germs to someone. Why do these parents feel getting chicken pox is compulsary for children?? To willing give your child bugs seems cruel to me.
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