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Special Family Easter Traditions

Special Family Easter Traditions

There are Easter traditions that are familiar to millions of people, such as chocolate bunnies and colored eggs. Then, as stories from Circle of Moms members show, there are those special family traditions that make the yearly celebration extra memorable for your kids. Here's a sampling of favorites shared by members. Happy Easter!

Egg Hunts

Whether the search is for hard-boiled, plastic, or foil-wrapped chocolate varieties, community-run and home-based egg hunts are one of the most popular Easter traditions around. Even for very young children, like Joanna G.’s 11-month-old daughter, searching for hidden objects can be an absolute blast: “We got very bright-colored plastic eggs and put things like Gerber Puffs and Goldfish crackers in them. She loved it!”

If you're trying to keep an egg hunt fair for younger kids (after all, hunts can get seriously competetive when candy is involved!), consider adopting Kylie K.'s tradition of a color-based hunt: “They can only find eggs that are a certain color, so they get the same amount” as the faster, bigger kids.


Candy-Free Egg Hunts

While Easter is often synonymous with a day-long sugar rush, some family traditions prove its possible to bypass the candy-Easter connection. For example, Tia S.’s Easter egg hunt tradition trades sweets for puzzle pieces: “We leave a trail of plastic eggs (filled with puzzle pieces for them to put together later) from their rooms to their baskets. They love following the trail, picking up the eggs to find out what the puzzle is. This allows us time to cook breakfast!” In a similar vein, Lori C. turns the activity into a clue-based hunt: “Inside each egg was a note, a clue from the Easter bunny that would take them running somewhere else inside the house.”

Easter Baskets

Stuffed with candy, toys, books and more, Easter baskets are a beloved Easter tradition for many families. Tami M. suggests crafts as a way to supplant the sugary treats: “My kiddos love doing crafts so I usually make a 'craft basket' where I precut some crafts that we can do that afternoon.” Others suggest coloring books, fruit, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, stuffed animals, Easter-themed stickers and cute clothing.

Easter Food

From roast lamb to resurrection rolls, Circle of Moms members celebrate diverse food-based Easter traditions. Of course, like Mindi D.'s, many of them involve eggs: “We dye eggs and make Jello eggs before Easter.” Another popular Easter tradition is simply having a family gathering for brunch or dinner, and serving a traditional holiday food. As Margaret G. shared: “We have Easter brunch with kielbasa (polish sausage) and ham.”

Religious Services

While non-religious traditions like magical bunnies and Peeps candy are associated with Easter, the holiday does hold deep religious significance for many. As Julie H. shared: “The highlight of our Easter day is definitely our church service; I love singing the resurrection songs!” Other favorite church traditions for Easter include early morning services, like those Sara H. attends: “Our church has a sunrise service on Easter morning. We take all our equipment and pews outside…Rain, cold or sunshine, it's always a beautiful way to celebrate.”

Image Source: D Sharon Pruitt via Flickr/Creative Commons

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