I understood the definition of awkward in the delivery room when my son was halfway out and the doctor asked if I wanted to rest.

How does a mother take a break when her babe is stuck between the real world and the womb?

I pushed and delivered our amazing lil boy — all 9 pounds, 4 and a half ounces and nearly 23 inches of him.

In the midst of the excitement, being sewn up by a resident and the nurse announcing, "I think we've got a ten pounder," I realized he hadn't cried. To see what happened,


I inquired and no one answered. Panicked, I repeated, "Why isn't he breathing?" "Why isn't he breathing?" like a broken record and watched the staff tend to my son, and the doctor hit a button.

Just as the crew called in for assistance stepped though the door, he cried. It was the best sound I have ever heard.

Though it was just moments, time stood still.

Did you have a situation that made you panic in the delivery room?