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Kidoodle: Making Sponge Balls For Summer Fun

When we were lil, my sister and I spent hours in our bathroom filling up water balloons for some backyard mischief. Save the silicone bags and running water for birthday parties and watering the lawn and do something creative with sponges for a similar, but greener, effect.

The talented Betz White gave me a great idea for a refreshing and crafty summertime project. Show your lil ones how to keep cool with a game of sponge ball toss by using these homemade sponge balls. To see how to make one,


Supplies: Two sponges, scissors and dental floss or sturdy string.

  1. Cut the first sponge lengthwise into four or five equal strips. Do the same for the second sponge. (Do not wet the sponges before cutting.)
  2. Stack four sponge strips in a row with colors alternating. Pull a strip of dental floss or string and place it under the stack of sponges. (A piece of twine will certainly last longer than floss.)
  3. Cinch the strips of sponge across the middle, pull tightly and tie a knot at the center.
  4. Arrange the sponge pieces to create a puffy and colorful sponge ball.
  5. Dip the ball into a bucket of water and let the fun begin!

After the kids have had enough fun with the toy, you can use it to help keep things tidy around the house.


Cut up sponges

Stacks of eight sponge pieces

Blue and orange sponge

Added four orange pieces to eight pink and green sponge pieces to create a fuller sponge ball.
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