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Finding the Pot o' Gold: A St. Patrick's Day Party Filled With Treats For All

Mar 12 2017 - 5:15am

We love any excuse for a party, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. Though most St. Paddy's Day celebrations involve green beer, Irish soda bread, and some form of corned beef, it wouldn't be a real party without cupcakes, shamrock cookies, and a few leprechauns.

That's the same philosophy Jenny Keller had when she planned a neighborhood St. Patrick's Day party [1] in her local park. After several days of rain — she is located outside Seattle, after all — the driving force between Jenny Cookies (who also threw that amazing Cinderella party [2]) knew there had to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After whipping up some green-themed snacks and sweets, she set the kids free to find hidden treasures around the park. Read on to see all the details of this fun and festive afternoon party.

Source: Jenny Cookies [3]

The Food Table

Rather than limit food options to just sweets, Jenny offered up lunch and snack foods for the guests.

Source: Jenny Cookies [4]

Sweets Galore

Why offer just cupcakes when you can serve up cupcakes and brownies?

Source: Jenny Cookies [5]

Snacks Are Served

The green St. Patrick's Day theme was carried through the afternoon's snacks. With green wraps, shamrock-shaped (and -colored) sandwiches, and grapes, everyone was sure to know which holiday they were celebrating!

Source: Jenny Cookies [6]

Green Drinks

No, green beer wasn't served, but green apple juice boxes and appropriately labeled bottles of water were available.

Source: Jenny Cookies [7]

Leprechaun Brownies

Sneaky lil leprechauns made their way onto brownie bites.

Source: Jenny Cookies [8]

Treasure at the End of the Rainbow

Kids took home favor bags filled with rainbow Twizzlers and a few "gold" coins.

Source: Jenny Cookies [9]

Pot o' Gold Cookies

It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow — in the form of Jenny's signature cookies.

Source: Jenny Cookies [10]

Shamrock Cookies

Jenny's signature style also made its way onto shamrock cookies . . .

Source: Jenny Cookies [11]

Rainbow Cookies

. . . and rainbow cookies.

Source: Jenny Cookies [12]

Rainbow Cupcakes

Using multicolored sour belts, Jenny created rainbow cupcakes for the party.

Source: Jenny Cookies [13]

The Lineup

The green-clad party guests (no one wanted to get pinched!) lined up before starting the search for the pot of gold.

Source: Jenny Cookies [14]

And the Race Was On

The kids ran to find pots of gold hidden throughout the park.

Source: Jenny Cookies [15]

Treasure Finders

Once the pots were found, the kids examined their loot.

Source: Jenny Cookies [16]

The Loot

Beaded necklaces, play jewelry, and other treasures were hidden in the buckets.

Source: Jenny Cookies [17]

Gold Coins

A lil leprechaun and the treasures he found.

Source: Jenny Cookies [18]

Jenny and Her Leprechauns

Jenny and her little leprechauns posed at the end of the party.

Source: Jenny Cookies [19]

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