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A Heartwarming Tribute to Stay-at-Home Moms

They are teachers, chefs, doctors, and so much more. They are stay-at-home moms, and they rarely get the recognition they deserve. That is, until Matt Bieler dedicated a film to this one-of-a-kind parent. Titled 3 Queens, Bieler's film tells the story of three stay-at-home moms through the eyes of their grateful children.

To see why Bieler made this moving video, read the full story at The Stir.

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andreamohess andreamohess 3 years
Working moms do SOME of this. I don`t have enough hours in my day to do all the thing you just saw and I still do them. I also take care of my spouse and my home because trust me taking care of you home and taking care of your children and spouse are entirely different things. Yet, i still manage to work 5-7hrs a day on my computer(while my children paint, draw or are on their tablets).. Oh, and I look after 3 other children. Kim Whitney6985...every word you wrote was 100% true. Luckily the parents of the children they see what I do and the thank you i get is very appreciated.. I know people have to work and i can appreciate that because when my husband comes home and sees them do something new he is so excited, he`ll call me and tell me what he just saw/ heard I don`t have the heart to tell him they started doing/saying it 2 or 3 weeks ago.but the truth is you miss so much,
kimwhitney6985 kimwhitney6985 3 years
ok julie nobody said working mothers don't do it.But your comment is surely the reason this was made. "workin moms"..Said as though " stay at home moms" dont work....we do, very hard. The difference is when you pick up your child from the baby sitter she is probably all clean, packed up and ready to take home.....because a stay at home mom cleaned her up for you, as well as her own child. I am the mom who gets your kids to sports because you are in traffic,I am the neighbor emergency contact,I am the bus stop monitor,I am the free class assistant when your child needs ones.I am watching your child on the field trips,I am in the front office of the school, ect all because I am a stay at home mom that doesn't work..... Let us enjoy the glory off the 2 1/2 minute tribute while the baby it's sleeping and the stove isn't over flowing or the dog doesn't need to be walked.
julieclapperton5007 julieclapperton5007 3 years
Working moms do this too!
NailaIftikhar1371549519 NailaIftikhar1371549519 3 years
I love it. It bought tears in my eyes.
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