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Tending to Baby: Nanny Poaching

A good nanny is hard to find. And when you come across one you LOVE, you don't want to let her go. Since competitive offers lurk at the park, many mums are fiercely protective of their caretakers.

I was recently warned by another mom not to take her help away. To see what happened,


A few weeks ago, I "borrowed" a nanny from a friend of a friend for one night while in Los Angeles. Afraid that I might be a poacher, the nanny's employer (other mom) made me swear up and down that I was only going to be hiring her for the night and begged me not to give her number to anyone else in the area.

Clearly a jewel of a find, I was happy to concede to her demands and excited that such a prized caretaker was to watch my lil one for the night.

Having said that, I admit that I have swung my babe at the park while chatting it up with seemingly sweet and caring women who I might have hired on the spot if they were available. But thankfully, I have my own gem that I wouldn't want to lose either!

Have you ever tried to steal a nanny?

siguros siguros 8 years
I'm a nanny and the mother I work for is very protective of me. I had someone at a carnival while I was with the kids mention that they were going to need a nanny and my boss jumped out arms wide open and said, "no way shes mine!" haha I guess its kind of comforting. I love the kids I take care of and couldnt leave them even if I had a better offer from another family.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
we had our "nanny" taken (we never called them nanny). it was especially hard each time because it eas the care taker for my daughter with autism. hiring for a special needs child is really difficult. generally i'd find someone and they would be with us for about a year and then one day they would be hired away for $5 and hour more than i was paying. the period of adjustment for a child with autism is not 2 weeks, more like 2 months, so the whole family suffered when we changed nannies. one time it was a woman with a new baby who wanted someone while she went to her yoga class and out to lunch. seriously bitch, could you have gone through an agency? she paid her $20 and hour from the time she left her home until she drove back in her drive way. another time it was a mom with 2 sons on the autism spectrum, that was not as painful a loss because at least i felt that she really needed the help.
fashionista119 fashionista119 9 years
I don't have a Nanny since my Mom watches my Son for me. I was a Nanny for a family for five years though, and friends of that family tried to poach me a few times. I loved the kids and Mom though (and was paid really well, that was a plum job!) and never had any interest in leaving them for another Fam. I was sad when the day came that the kids were old enough, and didn't need a nanny anymore :(
Hootie Hootie 9 years
Wow, it must be so hard to find someone you trust and then have them ripped away. But, if you have a great bond I would think they would stay out of loyalty! I guess money talks and Nannies walk! I'm lucky to get to stay at home full time. Big hugs to moms everywhere!
bajeckabean bajeckabean 9 years
I haven't tried yet, but I totally would if I coveted the perfect nanny elsewhere. Childcare is super important.
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