A good nanny is hard to find. And when you come across one you LOVE, you don't want to let her go. Since competitive offers lurk at the park, many mums are fiercely protective of their caretakers.

I was recently warned by another mom not to take her help away. To see what happened,


A few weeks ago, I "borrowed" a nanny from a friend of a friend for one night while in Los Angeles. Afraid that I might be a poacher, the nanny's employer (other mom) made me swear up and down that I was only going to be hiring her for the night and begged me not to give her number to anyone else in the area.

Clearly a jewel of a find, I was happy to concede to her demands and excited that such a prized caretaker was to watch my lil one for the night.

Having said that, I admit that I have swung my babe at the park while chatting it up with seemingly sweet and caring women who I might have hired on the spot if they were available. But thankfully, I have my own gem that I wouldn't want to lose either!

Have you ever tried to steal a nanny?