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The Sterling Twins on Toddlers & Tiaras

Toddlers & Tiaras: Mom Pits Sterling Twins Against Each Other

It's one thing to spray tan and coif a disinterested child onto the stage, but it's another to pit twin sisters against each other. After most lilsugar readers said they found the premise of kid beauty pageants creepy, I decided to watch the second season opener of Toddlers & Tiaras last night. While I expected the stage moms, showgirl costumes, hairpieces and veneers that were all too common in past episodes, this show spot lit a relationship that was hard to watch. Mother of five contestants, Jamie Sterling, has her six-year-old fraternal daughters — BreAnne and AshLynn — and clearly favors the former. After saying that BreAnne is the prettiest child and takes after her mama, Jamie spent most of her time focusing on the lil talent. Meanwhile, AshLynn was told her sister was getting a new dress and that she'd have to wear a ripped one.

It was heartbreaking to see the sweet child try her hardest despite her mother's disinterest while BreAnne was given special treatment. Though when BreAnne's behavior turned toward that of a spoiled brat, her father (who is uncomfortable with the whole situation) stepped in much to his wife's chagrin and pulled her from the pageant. In her sister's absence and a fitting end, AshLynn won both third runner-up and the director's choice titles. A clip of BreAnne bragging that she was the real winner aired after the program. When AshLynn objected, BreAnne explained that was what their mom said. Did you tune in? Source: TLC


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Kristie15431692 Kristie15431692 3 years
I have to say this woman is completely out of line when it comes to her girls, It really upset me that no matter how hard Ashlynn tried her mother never said a word but it was totally opposite with the other little girl she was treated like a princess. Does the mom not know that she could turn the girls against one another. I felt bad for Ashlynn she was never bragged on or encouraged. Breanne was a little brat and always got attention. The saddest thing for me is when Ashlynn got her awards her mom was like" oh I didn't think she would do that good. I mean really never seen her once congratulate the little girl. This mom needs to get a clue and realize she is doing more harm than good. I can see why the way Ashlynn is, why would you want to do your best if you always got told that your sister was basically better than you. I would never do that to my children they should always be treated the same and loved the same. This mom really made me mad. I literally think this woman needs some help. Poor little Ashlynn I hope it gets better for her. This woman made a huge butt of herself on national television!
lynsiw09 lynsiw09 4 years
the girls go to the school i work at in frisco. breanne is so bratty. mr sterling if your wife is so great then why are you guys divorced... and why is she pregnant with some other persons child.. actually she has probably had the baby by now. Breanne freaked out at the afterschool program and tried hitting everyone biting screaming as loud as possible!! SHE WENT NUTS. and then jamie's mexican boyfriend beat her butt so bad that we considered calling the cops. he is disgusting and filth and usually.. they never even pick the kids up some fat lady does. all of her daughters act out except ashlynn. she is so sweet and lovely. the video didnt even do jamie justice for how she actually acts. SHE IS WORSE. she yells and screams at the kids telling them to HURRY UP OR YOUR GETTING A SPANKING FOR NOT WALKING FAST ENOUGH. she is awful and known throughout the whole school. all the teachers make fun of her and her greasy boyfriend. the principal at the school we work at said thank god she doesnt ever have to hear about these that family anymore and that it was an embarrassment for this to be at her school on her last year of her teaching career. thank god jamie was pregnant with a boy because she doesnt deserve another daughter let alone kids at all. 
KUSmith KUSmith 5 years
I am glad that I wasn't the only person completely taken aback by this crazy woman.  The saddest part is that this mother obviously views her behavior as completely okay, because she acted this way knowing they were filming her.  She has no shame, but any mother who treats a child like that should be ashamed of herself. If she hasn't changed the way she treats her daughter I hope her husband has at least stepped in and done something.
Raewynrh Raewynrh 5 years
Jamie sterling should be declared an unfit parent. She is emotionally abusive to AshLyn and rewards and encourages her bratty favorite. If I met her face to face I would punch her in her awful horsey face. H
laurenayers2010 laurenayers2010 5 years
ugh! Ifonly she realized what a GIFT from the Lord above her children are, ALL of her children.
superdupertrooper superdupertrooper 5 years
I originally was disturbed by the relationship between Jamie and her two oldest daughters. I wanted some validation for the discomfort I felt in watching this episode and I ended up here. I enjoy reading people's comments on different articles and videos spread throughout the Internet and rarely comment myself. However, I have just read all almost 200 comments on this article and my initial feelings of anger, discomfort, and sympathy for AshLynn's position were slowly changed to encompass their entire family. The more I read the more confused I became as to everyone's reasoning for blatant bitching on this website. Obviously we all watch Toddlers and Tiaras for some sort of entertainment value, whether we enjoy watching it or just enjoy bitching in forums about how much more superior and noble we are then everyone involved in the pageant world. TLC is notoriously a network for bored housewives and soccer-moms. Toddlers and Tiaras is a show to ignite discussions and attention like it has gained in this forum. That is how television works, that is how entertainment works and has since the birth of theater. We watch it to escape from our own lives and lose ourselves in its provocative nature.That being said, it is understandable that people feel that their own disgust must be validated, as my own felt compelled, but I think we have lost our trail back to reality. The more I comments I read the more obvious it becomes that we do not leave this world of make believe and entertainment and we cease to think rationally but, rather, choose to continue our thoughts and discussions revolving around these cheap entertainments. Without ever leaving our discussions we choose to emulate these spiced up-in your face- raunchy- pointless-super sexy entertainments in our lives. Mothers like Jamie exist but worse mothers exist too. I don't know her personally, I cant say that I would like to, but the way she was portrayed really made me nervous and to her credit she may not even be like that in reality. However, the fact that TLC can portray and manipulate real people for the sake of the chance to be on the same shows an in the same situations as the fictional people they emulate. TLC created her character to be obnoxious and repulsive to us, that is why we are entertained and creating a larger buzz around this weird little show. I admit that I was enchanted under TLC's little spell but I have given it thought and I have come to conclusion that it's not Jamie that I hate, it's the manipulating hold we give the entertainment industry over us. How easy was it to make this show? How much money are they generating by exploiting pageants? Pageantry, in its formal modern sense, is a relatively new ceremony. However, the practice of us to reward beauty and poise is timeless. It is not the pageantry that is disgusting it is the competitive mothers secondly, and the exploitation of them and their daughters by TLC primarily. You think pageant moms are bad? Have you met ballerina moms or cheerleader moms? Mothers will always want the very darn best for their kids and they push all of their excess energies from the loss of their own personal lives into their kids' futures. Hey, their kids are going to be driven from never feeling they met their parents' goals and that may very well be a good thing. I'm not expecting anyone to agree with me on this and given the overall tone of this forum I would say that this comment may be not welcome. However, this is my two cents and I hope it is respected. Good luck AshLynn and BreAnne and the Sterling Clan!
AshlynnSterlingFan1357 AshlynnSterlingFan1357 6 years
I started to cry at the end of the episode I am a HUGE fan of Ashlynn! Shes such an inspiration! I HATE the mom poor Ashlynn had a ripped dress and she had a new dress coming but she was gonna give to THE SPOILED BRAT BREANNE! Thank god to Barry for taking Breanne out of the compitition! Her mom made her like that! And in the episode she said Breanne is the queen and Ashlynn is the princess. And Ashlynn has a bigger nose and Breanne is more preetier! Ashlynn is SO adorable and shy and kind! And Breanne is SO ugly and spoiled and a diva!
BarrySterling BarrySterling 7 years
I am Barry Sterling the husband of Jamie Sterling and the father of the Sterling girls. I just want to let everyone know that my wife Jamie Sterling is an amazing Mother. She in no way plays favorites with any of our children. What you witnessed on this show was TLC and their production company editing 2 full days of taping for dramatic effect that painted Jamie in a bad light. She has done nothing but love and nurture our children for the last 6.5 years. She works tirelessly to care for all of their needs which I have to say is a very difficult job. I am lucky to have her as a wife and our children are fortunate that she is their mother. For those of you who have criticized my wife’s appearance, how dare you look down your nose at someone else and mock their appearance. She is amazingly beautiful to me, and you have a problem with the way she looks, then you should look in the mirror and not be so critical. Again, I am lucky to have such a beautiful wife, and if you have a problem with someone’s appearance, then you should keep it to yourself. We realize that doing this type of show was a mistake, and we are both working very hard to focus on our family and continue to be great parents. Yes, we should have made a better decision, and we’ve learned from that, and we aren’t putting our children in pageants anymore. It is your right to make these comments, and as parents we are always trying to do a better job, but please don’t always judge someone by what you see on television, it is not always accurate. This time they were dead wrong.
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