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Toddlers & Tiaras: Mom Pits Sterling Twins Against Each Other

It's one thing to spray tan and coif a disinterested child onto the stage, but it's another to pit twin sisters against each other. After most lilsugar readers said they found the premise of kid beauty pageants creepy, I decided to watch the second season opener of Toddlers & Tiaras last night. While I expected the stage moms, showgirl costumes, hairpieces and veneers that were all too common in past episodes, this show spot lit a relationship that was hard to watch. Mother of five contestants, Jamie Sterling, has her six-year-old fraternal daughters — BreAnne and AshLynn — and clearly favors the former. After saying that BreAnne is the prettiest child and takes after her mama, Jamie spent most of her time focusing on the lil talent. Meanwhile, AshLynn was told her sister was getting a new dress and that she'd have to wear a ripped one.

It was heartbreaking to see the sweet child try her hardest despite her mother's disinterest while BreAnne was given special treatment. Though when BreAnne's behavior turned toward that of a spoiled brat, her father (who is uncomfortable with the whole situation) stepped in much to his wife's chagrin and pulled her from the pageant. In her sister's absence and a fitting end, AshLynn won both third runner-up and the director's choice titles. A clip of BreAnne bragging that she was the real winner aired after the program. When AshLynn objected, BreAnne explained that was what their mom said. Did you tune in? Source: TLC


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