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"Stillborn" Baby Found Alive in Morgue

"Stillborn" Baby Found Alive in Morgue

"Stillborn" Baby Found Alive in Morgue

Analia Bouter was 26 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her fifth child at a hospital in Argentina's northern Chaco province last week. Sadly, the newborn was pronounced to be stillborn by the hospital staff.

Twelve hours later, however, Bouter and her husband visited the morgue to say goodbye to their child only to discover their little one was breathing and alive. Upon hearing her baby cry, the shocked mother recalled, "I fell to my knees."

Authorities have a launched an investigation, but Analia isn't pointing fingers. She told Argentina’s Clarin newspaper: "The joy of knowing she’s alive is covering every other feeling."


Read the full story here.

Image Source: C5N via NY Daily News

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KitinaPowell KitinaPowell 5 years
Thank God for His resurrection power! I agree, give God His due credit, He performs miracles and yes right here in the good old US of A. The baby may have died, He allow things to happen for a reason and this will be a reason only He and this family will know and understand. Let's focus on the one true importance of this magnificent story- This chil still lives by the grace and mercies og God Himself!
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
I saw this on the news and I told my husband people need to see this for the miracle that it truely is. And for the person that said this would never happen in America, just remember our mothers are watched closely. The ones seen by an obg. When a child is born early and they are a still born they are not carried to the morgue right away. The family is given time to grieve the child even if the new mother cannot be present because she is very sick for some reason. I know, this has happened in our family. Many hospitals carry it out this way. The survival rate for a child born early in America is pretty high today because of the technology we have although it is not perfect. I know that because my son was kept alive by that technology and is 12 years old today. However again it is not perfect and I can't speak for every hospital, I just know that many maternaty wards here have a protacal to follow at the loss of a still born child. I am happy for this couple though and glad that they were able to have their little one alive. I hope that this was an eye opener for the hospitals in their country and how they handle premature births.
TrishMinottJones TrishMinottJones 5 years
This can happen and we always want to put it down to medical science instead of accepting it as God's miracle and blessing. God even knew what time they'd be around to say their goodbye's that's why He's called ALL MIGHTY God. :-)
CynthiaOhale CynthiaOhale 5 years
We really need to think twice about abortion.
CierraPierceall CierraPierceall 5 years
Wow! That is crazy. Thank God the baby is fine and that she went to say goodbye..
AlishaMcIsaac AlishaMcIsaac 5 years
Thank God she went to say good-bye...heart-wrenching!
CoMMember13631179440997 CoMMember13631179440997 5 years
Yeesh, unnerving!
GracesMommy GracesMommy 5 years
While this is definitely a miracle, I shudder to think what would've happened if her parents had told her good-bye immediately after she was born. Would she have started breathing and then suffocated to death in the morgue without anyone realizing as had come to life? There need to be protocols in place, such as a heart monitor on a stillborn baby for up to 24 hours. God only knows if this has happened before but the baby died in the morgue because no one knew she/he had started breathing. It's where we got the term "dead ringer" : in the olden days a string was tied to a person before he was buried and attached to a bell above ground. If the person "came back to life" (or woke up from being unconscious, which was for mistaken for dead back then) the bell would ring when he moved and the grave would be dug up. If my baby was pronounced stillborn, I'd want to know for sure she was gone, even if I had to endure a nailbiting & heartbreaking time of watching a flat heart monitor.
SusanHartland SusanHartland 5 years
imagine this very prem baby going 12 hours in a refrigerater without oxygen and heat ,how could this of happened i as a mother carnt imagine the scope of emotions this mother must be going through from joy to anger
KylieTaylor19639 KylieTaylor19639 5 years
there would be no words...
KathyOakes85126 KathyOakes85126 5 years
I can't believe what that mom had to go through believing her baby was dead and then finding out after 12 hours that it was alive. Talk about ranges of emotions.
MiriamSuggs MiriamSuggs 5 years
Beautiful blessings
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