If Jane Jetson was your role model growing up, the Stokke Xplory ($1200) may be for you. Though the Orbit Baby title probably suits the space lady better, the Xplory is a suitable choice for the futuristic fashionista.

The innovative design allows parents to push their tots at a higher level via telescoping capabilities, or lower depending on preference, making it less of a back bender for the pusher and a better view for the babe. And, common to many other brands, the Xplory allows for forward or rear-facing positioning.

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Like other travel system strollers, the Stokke Xplory offers a bassinet feature so newborns can snooze on the go. As babies outgrow the bassinet, parents can trade up to the reclining seated position that is height adjustable. In addition to the seats being height adjustable, the footrest can also be tailored to the child's liking and the handlebar to the parent's.

The pros of the Stokke Xplory are the sleek design, the bassinet feature, and the raised placement. The basket on the base of the frame is fantastic for storage and adds additional stability to the elevated buggy. The height of the patented four-wheeled wonder gives many parents reason enough to not buy a high chair as the stroller itself can be wheeled up to the table and locked for stationary dining.

However, there are some cons to the Xplory, too. Number one —the price is quite steep at $1200. Number two — it doesn't have the life expectancy that many of its competitors do. Most travel system strollers last through four-years-old or 60 pounds where a child will outgrow a Stokke at three-years-of-age or 45 pounds. Last — I'd personally worry a bit about tipping the stroller if I added too much weight to the handle or not enough to the basket.

The Xplory easily folds in half (with the seat in place) making it simple to stow away. Like many others, your arms will get a workout as the compact system weighs 23 pounds. The adapter for the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP and Grace Snugride are both available to make the car seats compatible with the stroller frame. The splashy pushchair is available in six basic colors — black, cream, olive, orange, turquoise and red.

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