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Stop the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Hate

As most lilsugar readers know, I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8, a show that gives parents a peek into the harried lives of a couple with two sets of multiples. I remember watching their first special in awe of how such young parents managed to juggle their eight offspring. So I was stunned to recently learn that there are entire websites dedicated to smearing the Gosselin's name, one of which is supposedly written by a relative's sister. I can't imagine any well-intentioned human being who realized their actions could adversely affect the Gosselin children would do such a thing. To read why I am appalled by these people's actions,


In some of the posts on the sites, people accuse Jon and Kate of making money off their show, charging for appearances, and employing help. As a viewer, I didn't find those things shocking because the couple often mentions how thankful they are for the opportunities the show has allowed them — a trip to Disney World, a ski vacation in Utah, going on Oprah, etc. And, when they went caroling in the Christmas episode it was to the homes of people who fold laundry, babysit, and provide other services for them. They also discussed how the film crew assists them in daily tasks at times.

It is naive for anyone to think that a family of 10 would allow their lives — good, bad, and embarrassing moments — to be taped without some sort of compensation. If allowing America a glimpse into how they cope has helped other parents manage the stress of raising children, good for the Gosselins. If in that process, it has proved lucrative for Jon and Kate, I wish them well — they have eight kids to put though college. I can't imagine the woman who carried six children at once and her patient and loving husband would ever put themselves before their seemingly well-adjusted, smart, wonderfully playful and adorable children. If you aren't a fan of the family, turn the channel.

evystarz evystarz 8 years
This the 1st time I have reads blogs period! But, yesterday I was googling J&K, came across the "Aunt Jodi" scandal & got sucked in & today I come across this site,felt like I needed to post my comment. I'm neither a hater or lover of the show or Kate but, I like the kids their very cute. I feel Kate comes off too strong and I have caught my self feeling sorry for Jon when she gets mad at him for little things. My sister's ex-husband had that kind of short fuse & would constantly belittle her all the time, she finally had enough & left him. I have mixed feeling about the show I use to love so much but, lately the show feels very scripted plus I feel Kate's ego is out of control. With the whole money thing, I can't really say much b/c I don't have to worry about 10 people to feed and shelter so maybe they have been blessed w/TLC helping them out. However, I am concern the kids will have a hard time in the future hey, they have shown an episode where the kids are in pictures next to their pooh. And is it just me but, what's happen to the show? I saw this season episode, and have to say it was kind of boring and I saw Kate rolling her eyes at Jon whenever he's telling his side of events. Anyhow, I do wish the Gosselin's best of luck and be very smart of their finances with today's recession and with 8 kids maybe going to college. They will need it, just don't let all go to their heads.
hrt0928 hrt0928 9 years
I will continue to watch the show til the end. Somebody mentioned, why do they have a show about them when there are so many other poor people in the world? What a dumb question! Do you know how many sets of sextuplets there actually are? Plus, how many families have both sextuplets and twins. It DOES make them special and TLC begged them to do the show in the 1st place. Let's not forget that Jon has a dang good, high paying job! He was a IT anylist which makes quite a bit, and now is part owner of a company. He makes enough that he can set few hours aside for work and dedicate the rest of the time to his family. Sure they argue, but it's not normal for a couple not to. And beside the tiny taps Kate gives Jon-I don't see ANY physical abuse going on in that house from the parents. I don't see why they need to do any treatment. Sure, Mady may turn out to be a messed up teen, but 1 out of 8 isn't bad! Take 8 kids out of any large family and there is going to be atleast 1 like that. The camera men focus on her fits on purpose so people like us will carry on an opinion and keep talking about it. When have any of us taken on 6 babies the same ages? Especially being premies, they need the extra feedings and care. You really think the 2 of them didn't need the help? Of course they did, and now it's getting less and less. Yeah, they took people with them on outings. You can't carry that many kids between 2 parents. It's for safety reasons. And how does birth control come into this conversation? I really don't think she will be pregnant with multiples again, considering all the stuff they had to do to get pregnant in the first place! It's not like they were mistakes or anything. Plus, anytime you are pregnant with multiples like that, the doctors ask you if you want to selectively abort some of them to upp your chances. To know that she didn't makes her a good mom right there. Tax payers don't pay for their kids like many others. If you choose not to like them, that's just fine. But look at facts first instead of throwing in stupid crap to sound cool.
momof4now momof4now 9 years
You know what is sad....the twin girls, they always seem sad, mad, unhappy. Look at pictures that are plastered everywhere, its depressing. I don't think they are enjoyin this at all. When are they going to wake up and realize this isn't healthy for them? Any of em.
tangerinehaze70 tangerinehaze70 9 years
I have been watching this show for over a year. The show displays so many dynamics going on in this family. There is Kate and her super hypersensitivity to disorder and dirt. John is ok with a little dirt and disorder. He is also very laid back and just takes Kates lashes without retaliation. He will stand up for himself at times. I think when she pushes him so far he will do this. It is one of those dynamics where you have the charismatic, vocal spouse overshadowing the meeker, lower key spouse. She can only treat Jon the way she does because he either tolerates it or doesn't know what else to do. Little Mady is so much like her mother while Cara is so much like her father. Mady is a mini Kate and gets on my nerves sometimes because of her vocalness about her superiority and needs. But this is just her age and her personality. Cara almost doesn't exist on this show. I rarely ever see her talk and the camera is rarely on her. But Cara and Mady are pretty compatible with each other. The affect of suddenly have 6 additional siblings was probably just a shock to them as it was to their parents. I can see Mady getting angry sometimes with the sextuplets and hitting and yelling when she doesn't realize the camera is on her. She is aware of this and is ashamed but the sextuplets push the twins to a point of frustration. Now when it comes to the sextuplets, talk about group dynamics!!! We have 3 girls and 3 boys all of whom are not extremely vocal or have really carved out their personalities yet. One thing is clear though, it is tough being one of six and always together. First of all, you always have to share and you can never really get alone time with a parent. Jon and Kate have been making great efforts in making each one feel special with their day alone with mom and dad. However, there are only two of them and 8 kids. So the sextuplets find ways to get attention and to get their needs heard. One of the ways is to repeat their needs over and over again, each time elevating the volume until someone hears them over the turmoil. The other is trantruming and crying when one of the siblings take a toy, hits, or pushes. This is normal for their age but how else can they get their parents' attention. The other tough lesson the sextuplets have had to learn is waiting their turn to get their dinner, to get a bath, to get some love, etc. Usually in large families you have enough older siblings as the number of children increase to help out. Mady and Cara are able to help to some extent but not like what you would have if each child was 1 to 3 years apart. This is a truly unique family with many complex interactions and dynamics which we can watch with amazement and awe. It would be worth a psychologist, sociologist and an educator to study this family to see what unique behaviors and coping strategies this family learns to get by everyday. All I can say is that Kate does need to somehow overcome her compulsive behaviors when it comes to disorder and grime. She is going to run herself and Jon into the ground. It is going to be a constant irritation for the children and their relationship. Jon will need to learn some assertiveness skills and tell Kate to back off and let the kids get dirty, let the house get messy. They have way too little time as it is to nurture these children as it is. If the show continues, I truly hope they can afford to get more help in there so Kate can relax more and both parents can spend more time with the kids. Jon is working part time which helps but it isn't enough. Kate & Jon need a cleaning lady, a cook, a full-time nanny, and a chauffeur. Just wait until all the children are in school and have extracurricular activities. Wow!!!!
sadiepotatie sadiepotatie 9 years
i dont see why anyone wouldn't like them. I think its a joy to watch them and their kids. Sure Kate is anal about things, but tell me what actual caring parent isn't anal about something? I know i am at times. I mean, if you were offered the oppertunity to put your family on television for money i'm sure most of you would do it. Esp. if you had that many children. And people shouldn't knock the amount of children they have either. Think of it this way, if you wanted children and couldn't have them, wouldn't you do the same thing? It's a joy being able to carry a child inside of you. Yes adoption is out there to, but to those who want to experience pregnancy i know you would do the same. I do not believe in abortion either, so i would have kept all six. Its stupid to hate on them. They've done nothing wrong. I love their show~!~ I'd love to meet them all.
katehater katehater 9 years
I hope this site isn't a dictatorship or censorship. I hope this is about free speach.
katehater katehater 9 years
I think the show should be renamed "Just Kate". I used to like the show but now, other than watching the sextuplets (not Mady) it really sickens me. Kate is verbally and physcially abusive towards Jon, yes, abusive people. Jon's offended by Kate's constant comments, but when he claims "Kate, when are you going to pull the stick out"? Kate doesn't like it one bit. What good for the goose is good for the Gosselin?? If the situation was reversed and Jon was being verbally and physically abusive, we'd have a different story. Stressed parents or not. If they're that stressed, let the show film them getting some help. That's reality. For years, these parents need to get control of Mady who will be the most unruly teenager if they don't. I've always been highly suspicious of why other family members, grandparents included, were not involved in these childrens lives. Kate's OCD issues and seeing all 6 kids outfitted in GAP clothing, trips to Disney and to Colorado, tummy tuck, hair transplant, who can afford that. I believe she's sold her kids and selves out to the highest bidder. I would love to see Super Nanny or Take Home Nanny come in and try to straighten out the Gosselins. I would LOVE for Kate to take on The Roloff's house on Little People Big World. Now that would be entertaining. TLC (or Kate)must be realizing a declining interest in the show. They've hired a PR firm?? Why?? For protection or more money?? So what if Jodi's sister has a blog. At least someone has the guts to stand up and tell the truth. When will Kate stop selling out her family? When the sextuplets get full rides to college? I bet she's pregnant again with another set of multiples by the time the six go to school. If for any reason you have some suspicion of this show and Jon and Kate's relationship and those tiny yellow flags go up in the back of your head, at least listen to Oprah when she says that's your inner self speaking to you and never ignore it. Please realize that EVERYONE's entitled to their opinion whether you love the show or hate it. Just please remember before you formulate your opinion that there is ALWAYS two sides to every story and not the sugar-coated one you choose to believe. Last time I checked, this was still a free country!
mominator mominator 9 years
I love the show but Hate Kate. I do not blame them for doing it for the money though. Who wouldn't in their shoes?
reeeeka reeeeka 9 years
Whe remotely smart person WOULDN'T do the show? They have 8 children who otherwise wouldn't be able to do the things they can afford to do or that the show pays for. Also, they may also make enough money to put away for their childrens future (college). I think it was a smart move on their part. People are such H-A-T-E-R-S! Seriously, stop hating and praise them for making it. They arn't perfect but you know they love their children so much and they love eachother. It's like every other household but with more kids. Seriously...I can't stand the haters.
fruittingles41 fruittingles41 9 years
I absolutley LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8, As a single mother of 2 I applaude them for rasing 8 children and doing it on television! I find it hard to keep my house and kids clean without anyone to see them Jon and Kate are fantastic! All this stuff about them getting paid for their show and how there making mone because of their kids....Well DUH you name me one person who is on a tv show and doesnt get paid for it? Good on them as least they have the chance look at where they have managed to go and the places they have gotten to show their children I think its fantastic! whoever is against them are jealous!!!!!!!!!!! I adore them and wish I had as much patience with my kids as Kate does with hers!
blablablabla blablablabla 9 years
anyone who has rude comments about the success of jon & kate plus 8 = JEALOUSY change the channel if you do not like it and quit complaining!!
LaylaCams LaylaCams 9 years
I love this show, and I don't see a problem at all with them being compensated for the shows they do. You think the Lohans do their show for free? And also for those who said "they chose to have this many kids" I don't think it went that way. They needed assistance for ONE kid and ended up having multiples.
backfat backfat 9 years
I really like this show. Not sure why, even when they're just going to the dentist it's interesting. My children (7&8) love it as well.
Swedeybebe Swedeybebe 9 years
ok, i actually read the blog now, i'm not sure how anyone can not see that it is totally a kate bashing site! yeah, she is defending her sister- but more often then that, she is condemning kate. she may be family related by marriage and may know jon & kate to a small extent, but i dont think it gives her the right to spread information about them. even if this were in the least bit true, its very tacky of her to spread it over the internet. be the bigger person and shut the f up.
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 9 years
i love the show!
skigurl skigurl 9 years
it's a great show...i mean, the kids are so well-behaved (with the exception of maddy) and jon and kate do an awesome job, considering...i mean, she's annoying some times, but frig, she has 8 children. give the woman a break!! and furthermore, obviously they're only filmed like once a month. i mean, it's not like the cameras are around day after day after day. each episode is about a day or two worth of activity, and it's always very specific activities, it's not like they follow them around in hopes that one day they'll do something exciting
depeche3 depeche3 9 years
I am absolutely obsessed with this show. Yes, Jon & Kate bicker but what married couple doesn't. You can still see how much they love each other and the kids. And, who can't resist watching those adorable kids and their antics. I hope they have several more seasons of this show.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
"comes with the territory of having their live on a reality tv show.. it puts them out there to be judged and questioned and it doesn't surprise me so many people do" Excellent point. Is Pop not supposed to comment on Denise Richards' show because children are involved? It's a choice they made, and if they didn't know going into it, then they're a lot more naive than they appear. I don't think it's a good thing that people dedicate websites to it, but I don't understand being appalled or demanding the "hate" end.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
lelybear those are my feelings wxactly with maddy
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
I wonder if Said sister is getting advertising $$ for her site. Hmmmm .. it is okay for her to benifit - and all she doies is share some genes with someone. I love Jon and Kate plus 8 - and I hope they keep making episodes.
ajennilynrushhh ajennilynrushhh 9 years
So people are getting mad because they're making money of the show? And they know it also, and they do appreciate the opportunities that has been given to them. And what's wrong if they're getting paid for the show? Kate quit her nursing job to take care of all the kids. Wouldn't you if you had 8 kids? And it's not like Jon could financially support everyone by himself plus with the rest of their bills, food, clothes, their house, etc. If people wanna get mad and hate, then whatever. But I love their show. Even though Kate does irritate me sometimes because the way she treats Jon and Maddy is kinda annoying too. The kids are soo adorable! Esp. Alexis, Leah, and Hannah :) Geez, they got 8 kids, but Jon & Kate can get things under control even though they're super stressed out.
lellybear lellybear 9 years
i love this show. i especially love when there are marathons. the kids are so flippin' adorable. with one exception, like pink said, mady. that child is absurd. i get that she's just a kid but good grief. my parents would have never put up with me being that much of a brat. no way. i dislike watching her tantrums more than kate's. and jon, he's a great dad from what i've seen and he takes so much crap from kate. i'm waiting for the day he loses it and gives it right back to her. team jon!
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