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As most lilsugar readers know, I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8, a show that gives parents a peek into the harried lives of a couple with two sets of multiples. I remember watching their first special in awe of how such young parents managed to juggle their eight offspring. So I was stunned to recently learn that there are entire websites dedicated to smearing the Gosselin's name, one of which is supposedly written by a relative's sister. I can't imagine any well-intentioned human being who realized their actions could adversely affect the Gosselin children would do such a thing. To read why I am appalled by these people's actions,


In some of the posts on the sites, people accuse Jon and Kate of making money off their show, charging for appearances, and employing help. As a viewer, I didn't find those things shocking because the couple often mentions how thankful they are for the opportunities the show has allowed them — a trip to Disney World, a ski vacation in Utah, going on Oprah, etc. And, when they went caroling in the Christmas episode it was to the homes of people who fold laundry, babysit, and provide other services for them. They also discussed how the film crew assists them in daily tasks at times.

It is naive for anyone to think that a family of 10 would allow their lives — good, bad, and embarrassing moments — to be taped without some sort of compensation. If allowing America a glimpse into how they cope has helped other parents manage the stress of raising children, good for the Gosselins. If in that process, it has proved lucrative for Jon and Kate, I wish them well — they have eight kids to put though college. I can't imagine the woman who carried six children at once and her patient and loving husband would ever put themselves before their seemingly well-adjusted, smart, wonderfully playful and adorable children. If you aren't a fan of the family, turn the channel.

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