Pregnancy brings out both the best and worst in people. LilSugar reader beaner shared her latest revelation about pregnancy in The Pregnancy Posse group.
Ok, so I know my belly is big and beautiful and round and out there, but I really am not appreciating that as I walk down the street, so many people make eye contact with my belly! I live in a very friendly town, where I'm used to people looking me right in the eye, giving me a smile, and even saying "Hello," so this newfound attention to my curvaceous middle is a little, well weird. I admit, that before I became prego, I was also enamored by the sight of a gorgeously plump and pregnant baby bump, but now I see how wrong it was to oggle, even though I'll add that I always smiled as I glanced. Has this been happening to you moms-to-be as well? I'm only six months along, so I expect that as my belly expands, the staring contest will only get worse!

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