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Store Owners Defend Mom Accused of Leaving Kids In Car

Update: Things aren't always as they seem. While several passers-by say the mother left her children in the car to get a haircut, there may be a totally different story. According to employees at the nearby postal store, the mother walked into the store with her two kids in tow. She then left the store and loaded the kids into the car. When she shut the door, she realized she accidentally locked her keys and kids in the car. Desperate to get them out, the mom started screaming for help and began breaking the windows. Witnesses say the children were in the car less than five minutes, and they were ok once they were freed from the car.

There are two instances where it's OK to smash a car window — when a man cheats on you and when you're saving someone's life. The latter occurred outside a strip mall in Texas yesterday afternoon. Several shoppers noticed two children inside a Jeep, with no adult in sight. To save the kids from the unbearable heat, the group began smashing the windows with anything they could find.

"It was a crazy situation," Gabriel Del Valle, who shot the incident with his cell phone, tells a local news station. "They could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on."

The children were eventually freed from the car and taken to their mother, who says she left them inside while she went to get a haircut. The mother, whose name has not been released, begged shoppers not to call the cops, and since the children seemed unharmed they agreed. Let's just hope she doesn't make the same mistake twice.

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anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

Even before the updated story you should have read with an open-mind as you and I both know that journalists don't always report all of the facts and there is a great deal of biased journalism.

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

Why are people so quick to judge!!! The story was updated - she never went to get a haircut but instead locked her keys in the car after buckling her kids in. This has happened to countless parents and when it happens, it's very upsetting to say the least. I hope you never make any mistakes because God forbid, some judgmental jerk should criticize perfect you!

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

The story was confusing but if you take the time to read it carefully, you should understand that the mom was loading groceries and her kids in the car but then accidentally locked her kids in the car. People are so quick to judge without knowing the entire story. I once locked my keys in my vehicle when my daughter was 3 and it was a nightmare. I never did it again but it's very understandable if this accidentally happens. I hope no one ever judges you when you make a simple mistake!

Cass1404441225 Cass1404441225 2 years

It's great that people are actually doing something about these situations. Even if it was a mistake, it's so good that there are people making sure the kids are safe.

DonnaMcGill1396589755 DonnaMcGill1396589755 2 years

THANK YOU!! That makes much more sense!! If she had been getting a haircut then I think people would have called the cops and have had time to get there. I have done the same thing : locked my keys in the car with my two kids and a foster child in the car...but it was pouring rain. My oldest was 4 and we use American sign language so he was able to unlock after a bit of cajoling.
Anyway thank you for sharing!

AmandaCharaba AmandaCharaba 2 years

I am so glad none of mine are little enough for this to happen anymore. Only the youngest can't get out of his seatbelt yet, the rest can and since I have a big vehicle they can climb up to the front to open the doors. I am notorious for locking my keys in the car. Glad her kids were okay.

AmyAbdeen AmyAbdeen 2 years

READ first before commenting.. bunch of morons. I can only imagine how you did in school. Waste of brains.

NicoleNava NicoleNava 2 years

JohnPerry25127 JohnPerry25127 2 years

I would have got the kids out and bashed ALL of her windows out then called the cops and... Keep begging bitch.

DonnaMcGill1396589755 DonnaMcGill1396589755 2 years

UHH call the cops on someone so...careless to be sure she does not do it again!! TX is a HOT state! Those people are NOT doing those kids any favors.

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