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The Strangest Potty Training Product Yet

The Strangest Potty Training Product Yet

When it comes to potty training, we've seen our fair share of bizarre ideas. (Remember these potty training products gone wrong?) Still, the new digital iPotty is quite a surprise.

Revealed at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the iPotty is essentially a training toilet with an iPad stand. The goal is to keep tots entertained and seated — in much the same way as board books and songs have done for years.

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Would you buy the iPotty?

Image Source: AP via Huffington Post

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SkyeLyons SkyeLyons 4 years
Yes, that's exactly what children need. More electronics, and less learning how to do things for themselves. My God, nothing is sacred anymore, is it?
KathyLubbers KathyLubbers 4 years
Then why do they call the Bathroom the "Reading Room"? :-D
ShainaNieto ShainaNieto 4 years
Awesome. I mean if I could afford an ipad i think this would totally work.
AngelPeng AngelPeng 4 years
No of course not. I once worked with a doctor specializing in the colon and bowels and he said reading when we go to the toilet is a very bad habit as the process of pooping is a very complex one and requires all the concentration we have... I wouldn't want to encourage this bad habit from young...
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