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OnSugar Blog: A Call Out For Working Moms

Lots of moms like to think out loud and Loctitious Goldilocks is one of them. Here is an excerpt from her first post on her new The Mumventures of Bionic Woman blog.

So it all kicked off with my work you see, being an assistant headteacher in a secondary school has its challenges, but not the school kids. . . no, more like that work-life balance thing, so if you've cracked it please, let me know! How can I want to spend time with my sick child, who has chicken pox and in spite of this be asked to still come into work 'as it is the worst time I could be off'! Hello! Which part of sick child did you not read?

Let me see, sick child. . . work. . . sick child . . . work. . . sick child. . . yes, that's the one that resonates with me.


Nevertheless, the bit about being one of the most able and reliable members of the team did have a bit of an influence on me if I'm honest. So off I went the very next day to work, in spite of a night of broken sleep and about three hours in total of any sleep, not to mention menstrually challenged.

It was also time for our team to have residential and of course, good ole hubby had already taken time off to be with our kids so I can pursue my work, yet again. In spite of this, I was again given emails making it clear that my wanting to be at home with my sick child was not good enough, in favor of spending quality time and 'bonding' time with my colleagues (whom, by the way, I see in total of 40 hours at least per week, while I see my sons possibly . . . wait for it . . . 40 hours a week, on a good week (not counting sleeping – eyes are closed so not seeing them! Just in case you wanted to be pedantic).

It just made me mad! But being the good soldier I am, I did everything in good stead – result, work carries on... implication, hubby's life is not important enough or even considered never mind the kids. But then again, why should anyone else care but me? So I need to make a stand.

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