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Stress of Being a Working Mother 2011-02-22 00:05:24

OnSugar Blog: Bad Mommy, Good Employee?

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and trixie360 is one of them. Here is the latest post from her Nice Mommy, Mean Mommy blog.

Or good mommy, bad employee?

Seems like a pretty sh*tty deal if you have to choose. And choose we must.

If I were to give my job everything I'm capable of, to put every ounce of drive and passion and creative fire into my work...I'd never see my kids. If I drove my kids to every appointment, made healthy organic meals from local sources, stayed home every time someone runs a sliver of fever and gave all three of them my full attention the minute I walk through the door each night? I'd be canned within a month.

Neither of those outcomes are acceptable, so I half-do everything. Giving both my employer and my children the short end of the stick. Apparently this stick of mine has no long end.


My kids get ignored or put in front of Dora while I work on a PowerPoint deck or take a call from the office. My child-free co-workers watch me leave every day at five while they put one or two more hours in at the office. So everyone resents me, and I resent being resented.

What's the solution? Find a way to work from home? That doesn't solve the "Oh Mom's on her laptop again" issue. Get a job that doesn't require (or inspire) me to be "always on"? I can't raise kids on a retail salary — or whatever sort of job a person can just forget about between shifts.

It's frustrating because I don't see any way out. Except ceasing to care.

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imariec imariec 6 years
Add being a good wife... good daughter if your parents are close...good friend... and often times you don't have time to be a good you. But I keep telling myself I want to be an example to my son. I want him to know his mom is a woman who is driven, and my work makes me happy, and in turn I'm happy to be with him when I am. I am also very lucky my husband understands, and in the past 6 months hasn't asked me to cook once.
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