Sometimes mamas just need to let off some steam! This post comes from our anonymous group in the LilSugar Community, A Place to Vent.

Well here goes my first post....I think that my kids are ruining my that the most awful thing to say?!! They are two beautiful girls 4 and 2. They are very active but always want me over my husband. Constantly fighting over who will sit with me or next to me. It is so annoying. My husband, in turn, acts like a baby and says, "They never want me only you." I say, well maybe if you actually spent some QT with them they might want you!

I know I know it's harsh, but geeze I am wiped out. My husband and I spend more time apart then together. I know this may be normal, but it's killing our relationship. We don't have a lot of family to help us out by sitting with the kids so our date nights are very few and far between. Usually once a month. Please respond if you have any advise or are feeling the same way. I need help!!!

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