Anorexia is an eating disorder that affects many young women. Those who suffer from it, often starve themselves in an effort to become "skinny."

Some believe anorexia is making its way to a demographic under a different guise – the overburdened, stressed out, multi–tasking mother. Unlike the anorexic that intentionally denies herself food, the "stressorexic" is so busy working, running errands and taking care of others that she often forgets to eat properly. To learn more about stressorexia,


Dr. Adrian Lord, a consultant psychiatrist from Harrow, UK, said:

Stressorexia is not a scientific diagnosis that a doctor would make, but anecdotally its symptoms are very prevalent among women. They are trying to be sexy, fashionable and slim, have a career and be perfect mothers and wives. Some neglect to eat because they are too busy and others are just totally stressed-out - which suppresses the appetite.

As an over–committed mama, I can definitely attest to suffering from stressorexia every now and then. When I've got to feed my lil one, clean the house, pick up laundry, stop by the grocery, and catch up on work, sometimes the last thing on my mind is grabbing a bite to eat.

What about you? Have you experienced a bout of stressorexia?