Every mom has her own set of criteria for choosing a stroller – whether it is the size of the stroller, the weight, the collapsibility, etc. City and suburban moms also have a different set of criteria, based on how they use their strollers.

The wide, all-terrain wheels of the Bugaboo strollers have made them ubiquitous throughout New York City and the recent introduction of similarly styled suspension-styled strollers led New York Magazine to test nine of the newest ones on the market. They compared the strollers for size, weight, storage capacity, ease of setup and breakdown and then took them to the street to see how well they handled the curbs, potholes and cobblestones that make up the urban jungle. It was quite a thorough test!

We want to know what stroller you consider to be your primary mode of transportation for your lil one and why you chose it.