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Students Try to Poison Teacher

Kids Poison Their Teacher "Just Because"

Children are bound to come across a couple of teachers that they just don't like. Recently, however, two New York City students took their hatred for one teacher way too far. Earlier this week, a 9-year-old and 12-year-old were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and assault after trying to poison Johanna Cherepany, a teacher at PS 315. The students laced the teacher's water bottle with rat poison and then gave it to her to drink. Cherepany was made aware of the prank later that evening, after the principal received several calls from parents whose children told them about the incident. The 62-year-old teacher was treated for nausea and a spike in blood pressure but avoided any serious side effects from the poison.

"We are greatly relieved that the teacher is recovering and we continue to closely monitor this situation," Marge Feinberg, a spokeswoman for the school, told the New York Post.

The two students have been assigned a probation officer, who will decide whether they will be given probation, ordered to make restitution, or prosecuted in family court. The school also plans to issue a punishment once an internal investigation is complete.

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wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

Already listed them for ya hon.<3

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Yes, I would love your assistance in cataloging my 'supposed' mental health issues. I am curious as to what you come up with.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

You should look into that as well since we've established that you have projection issues. I suppose this is your cry for help. What else do you need hon? I'm clearly not angry, and I certainly have no problem continuing to help you catalog your mental disorders since I did study psychology for years. One needs a wealth of patience and kindness when dealing with the young and the mentally infirm....such as yourself. You, and the world around you, will be better when you start down the road towards patching up your mental discord.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Thank you for your concern. I wish you would do the same. You definitely need it too.. It's called anger management.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

Me quoting history is the same as you arbitrarily projecting your delusions? Nah. Again, seek help.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Hahaha... funny you should say that!

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

Again, the irony, ignorance, and hypocrisy in your statement is astounding! rofl. You should try actually reading what you've written because I don't think those words could be better defined than the job you've done. You should seek therapy for your issues with projecting yourself onto other people when you are upset. It's a very unhealthy coping mechanism.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

For someone who considers herself to be so educated, liberal and open-minded, you sure are obnoxious and condescending!! Your attitude and the need to put down others reveal more than you think. And btw, please don't flatter yourself that I would base my perception of the Americans based on one bad apple experience. I have been to the US off and on on projects and am well-travelled and well-read. You display the typical american attitude that many international people find so insufferable. Just having a few friends from a few different nationalities doesn't prove anything!! I can count 25 different nationalities amongst my close friends and colleagues. So what? And btw, discussions amongst well-travelled international people both living in and outside the US corroborate the same perception. I have had personal interactions plus there is so much anecdotal evidence as well as documented (hillarious & alarming) stories both published and in the cyberspace. Anyway, that is besides the point. Just because somebody is from a developing country doesn't mean they sniff the cow patties. Shows how much you know about other countries!!

The point is that you have a different point-of-view on a topic but then so do other people. And going back and reading your comments only reinforces the perception that you are very intolerant of other people's views. You have been downright insulting to many others at the slightest pretext and I am talking about other American commentors (or so it would seem). Your diatribe is against anybody who doesn't agree with you, whether American or otherwise. Many have said the same things that I am saying but you refuse to listen. You just like to disregard my opinion because I am international. Fine... what about your fellow Americans' opinions?? You can't rant against them about where they come from.. so you start ranting about their generation, the decade they were born in. I have understood, you basically just need an excuse to put down other people. You are a cyber bully.

I hope one of your family member gets caught up in a situation where they are the victim and then I want to see how much of what you preach, you practice. And given the state of affairs in the US, that day may not be too far. A random shooting here or there.. in a school or a park or a mall is not so unthinkable, is it? Please don't forget to shower the killer with all your love and please be considerate of his background, of the traumatic childhood / past experiences he has had.

Good luck dealing with the nut cases you feel so much empathy for!! One day they will come home to roost!!

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

Typical idiot assuming americans think they are superior because a single american references her own country while commenting on a story that takes place in her country in response to your post which is fussing about me speaking to a fellow american.... and I'm the one with issues? Riiiiight. My boyfriend is portuguese, I had a best friend from China, another friend from India, a family friend from Spain, a friend from Italy, friends from Mexico, a best friend who was like a brother to me from Vietnam, my grandfather's family moved here from Norway, an ex is British, etc. I can tell you that the rest of the world doesn't hate anyone. Intelligent people don't hate anyone because of their country

I never said that people cannot defend themselves in a physical way. You AGAIN failed to read my earlier comment where I referenced how my young cousin dealt with a school bully by flipping them and was never bothered again. Flipping someone in defense does the exact same job but isn't teaching your kid to punch or kick people. lol . One is appropriate and one is not. My daughter takes taekwondo for competitions and life or death situations. She takes jiujitsu for defense. The latter needs no kicking or punching. APPROPRIATE.

I understand the world we live in well. What you fail to understand is that this part of the world is not the same as the rest. The only one making idiotic blanket statements here is you. You're ignoring the fact that individual countries and cultures have their own problems with their own solutions. I'm addressing first world issues with first world solutions.

Stop sniffing the cow patties, your dead brain cells, hypocrisy, inner ugliness, and prejudice are leaking through. rofl. Where you born with a brain, you would be whining about anyone's intellect. lol

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

There is such a thing as excessive force when defending yourself. Someone kicking me in the shin does not justify me killing them. Most people will agree with that statement, so is it that hard to see that there are less violent ways to handle confrontations? lol. It's not rocket science.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Yes.. And I am not condoning violent physical assault in any way. Bullies do that. People trying to defend themselves don't. Anyway, there needs to be a fear of consequence or punishment otherwise what you see happening in your country will only get worse. It has gotten this bad because unruly behavior is tolerated so much and anti social people have no fear of consequence. People with bleeding hearts are out to show sympathy to the perpetrators while nobody gives a thought to the victim or their family WHO have don't nothing wrong and still have to suffer because of the actions of others.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Yeah.. typical disgusting American sense of superiority!! They think the world starts and ends with America. And the rest of the world laughs, sneers and hates them for it. Amongst the developed nations, USA has the worst record in terms of rape, exploitation, mental illnesses, poverty, drug use, unfettered capitalism, homicide (both individual and state sponsored), human right abuse, etc. Stories of people stuck in an abusive relationships abound and if everybody had such a healthy self esteem, the therapists would have been out of work by now. So yeah... get off your high horse!!

Implied threat of certain degree of violence (even if one has no intention of carrying it out) TO DEFEND ONESELF is a very effective way to deter a bully who is using physical tactics for bullying. I am not saying just verbal deflection is not enough. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is NOT. Many times you just need to pretend that you can give it back to them physically for the bully to back off. All I am saying is there are no black and white situation as you seem to think. Depending on personal temperament and the situation, one is entitled to take whatever steps necessary for self preservation.

Blanket condemnation only shows a lack of understanding of the complex nature of the world we live in.

And while we are at it, you should get off your intellectual high horse! Despite your best attempts, your ignorance and prejudice leak through.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

We were not discussing some third world country, we were discussing the U.S. You do have a nasty habit of twisting things to the extreme to try to gain points don't you? Failure.

I've been to 29 states of THIS country, and I have yet to meet a non disabled adult who could not say no. In fact, they seem to excel at it. lol.

Considering the fact that people in THIS country also tend to work consistently well and switch jobs often enough in their life times, there's no statistical reason to this that people are cowering before big scary bosses who torment them endlessly. lol

Everyone exploits everyone. It's part of life.

I never said that a child should not be able to defend their self.... I simply stated repeatedly that a child should not be taught to be violent. You can defend yourself while only being defensive and not violent. I already listed an example of exactly that.

You should avoid commenting while you are still confused and uninformed. It's a bit silly.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

Norway silly. It would have taken you all of less than 5 seconds to google this information yourself. *tsk tsk* Feel free to look up further info yourself.

Last I checked, violently physically assaulting someone does a lot more damage than a few words that are by no definition violent. lol. LOGIC, love.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Totally agree with every single word you put out there... These liberals are going so far extreme in their political correctness that they have lost sight of common sense, something that your generation was raised with.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

And which is that happiest country?? Any references to which sources concluded that and based on what evidence? And also what are the factors that have contributed to them being such a civilized society.

For somebody who seems to propound the idea of non violent resolution of conflict.. you seem quite verbally violent yourself... I wonder why?? lol

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

"How many people ran around bullying bullies at school as kids? Almost none. How many people are incapable of saying no as adults? Almost none.
How many adults run and hide from bosses and bullies as adults? Almost none."

You seem to live in your ivory tower or perhaps Canada. However, this is not the ground reality in most parts of the world where survival is tough and people will go to any lengths to succeed. Life is cheap, and authorities are criminals in their own rights. Exploitation at different levels is the order of the day and the only way to survive is to know how to defend yourself - physically, emotionally, intellectually and any which way you can. The meek are subjugated and if you love your child, you teach them to defend themselves.. physically if required.

ChhandaBurman ChhandaBurman 3 years

Just wanted to let you know that there are people who agree with you and I am one of them. While there have been unfortunate cases of extreme corporal punishment endangering and in some cases even killing a child, there is some merit in the idea of some sort of punitive punishment or consequences for unacceptable behaviour. You were bang on when you said that these days criminals seem to have MORE rights than ordinary law-abiding citizens.

Happy for your son. He will grow up to be a fine, no-nonsense young man who knows how to defend himself. We really do need to teach our children to think for themselves and to stand up for themselves. There is a difference between teaching kids to be violent and teaching them to respect themselves enough to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately, some people have been too liberally indoctrinated to see that. In their world, they can always run to the 'authority figure' at the slightest hint of trouble. Sadly, that attitude doesn't work in half the world where law enforcement is dodgy at best and oppressive at worst.

Do ignore what wolfcat is saying. She seems to be a bit of a (intellectual) bully herself for all her posturing and I would take what she says with a grain of salt. It's easy to pretend in cyberspace that we are the perfect mothers and that our kids are the most perfect, well behaved angels. And the world is perfect and justice is always served and authorities are impartial... blah blah.... lol

AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 3 years

I am guilty of this too. This site was created for moms to ask for help and comment on things without being insulted or judged. Some people are taking this too far by in my opinion telling people to kill themselves. Every child is different and every parent raises their kids how they see fit. We shouldn't be calling each other names nor should we be telling each other how we raise our kids is the wrong way. Yes these kids learned this from some where, school, home a friend who knows and we will never know because they are kids. I myself have felted attacked on this site because I teach my kid that bullies are wrong and if it doesn't stop by telling the teacher or principle then you have the right to push back. I was told my son was going to be a bully and that I am stupid and confused. My son is sweet, caring, helpful and tells the teacher when he needs to. Sometimes your space needs to be your space. Also not all kids learn to be bullies from home. They can also learn to be bullies because they were bullied as kids. As someone who was bullied from grade one to grade twelve every time I told a teacher it got worse, but every time I pushed them away I never had to deal with that bully every again. I learned that I can survive on my own without someone watching over me. To this day when out and about if someone says something to me I can walk away without caring because I am stronger now. If I see someone being bullied I am not afraid to step in and stop it because I know I can handle anything. What is wrong with that? I don't need to run for help and then its too late to help that person. I can stand there help if needed or call 911. These kids learned this from somewhere. Could have been T.V. At there age they finding themselves and if they were treated wrong then they don't know how to act "proper". Most of this so called generation that was hit all the time, my parents never laid a hand on me, are products of parents and grandparents that hit all the time. Straps, belt whatever was on hand. My grandpa is one of the strongest people I know that served his country in World War two. For people to say that because he was hit his generation started the war. My grandfather wasn't a politician, he did not give the order to start a war. And for those who feel that way I pray you never have to serve your country like my brother did. I hope you don't have to see people, children dead on the street. Or have bullets shot at you or walk over an IED. My brother almost didn't come home and for you to say that sickens me. Men and Women and child have died in every war and instead of pointing fingers we should be shaking the hands of every man and women to put on a uniform. Instead of saying they started the war you should be praying that your kids and your grandkids never have to take part in a war. My brother puts on his uniform in hopes that his daughter and his nephew never have to. Oh and I think people have forgotten that Churches started some of the earliest wars. So some people like myself do not go to church. I believe in God but don't believe in someone telling how to believe. We are all different and believe in different things. Every culture raises their kids different and in some place their kids are whipped when bad. I have never laid a hand on my son. But, and this is how I was raised, if he came home by police for breaking into anything I wouldn't hesitate to give him a smack on the butt. Maybe these kids have no rules at home and their parents don't discipline them so they feel like they can get away with anything even murder.

MelodyMorgan MelodyMorgan 3 years

Good for you... I am thinking of doing the same with my grandson, so much garbage going on in the schools let alone the society!

LindaKnacke LindaKnacke 3 years

It always starts at home. sorry, it's true.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

I doubt the parents properly disciplined anything. They did create the child to behave that way in the first place. Sending a child home to such parents isn't a fix either.

Pushing a bully down is not kicking and hitting. Pushing is creating space without violence. I'd have approved of that more. Bullying a bully is not a respectable solution.

I never said anything about "running and hiding" from a problem. Both are bad responses. Are those really the only two options you could imagine? Also, running and hiding and saying no are two completely different things. You seem very confused and unable to fully think through different scenarios. How many people ran around bullying bullies at school as kids? Almost none. How many people are incapable of saying no as adults? Almost none. How many adults run and hide from bosses and bullies as adults? Almost none. Therefore, what you taught your child is not the solution most parents use and yet qwe still ahve a country full of mostly competent adults in the work place. You're more likely to lose your job for saying no to something. lol

What does your cousin's story have to do with anything? No one's suggesting children just be left to fend for themselves with no guidance.

Why would you assume kids who are not like your don't tell the truth? My children tell me everything. Her best friend is constantly suggesting that she keep secrets from me and she never does. I see no need to shelter her from her friend since she is able to be friends while maintaining her integrity. Her friend was trying to smoke just a month ago and my daughter lectured her and then told me about it. Both are only 7.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

I worked with kids for 17 years, but currently I am a stay at home mom. I went to school for a degree in Elem Ed with concentrations in Early Childhood Development and Psychology. After that were years of continuing education courses, and before that were years of career prep courses in high school including more psychology, child development, child related careers (included internships), etc.

Lots of rich people are not happy. Being able to make money does not mean you don't have long term damage. My husband's family all pull in huge wages, yet they are all very damaged people from their childhoods. You wouldn't know it without paying attention. They know it though. How many doctors go to therapy, divorces, depression, etc just like other humans? A large amount. Look at playwright Tyler Perry. He's successful, rich, funny, and smart and charming. You wouldn't know that his step dad hated and abused him his whole young life leaving massive scars if you didn't pay attention.

anjelica-rachelaTringas1374611998 anjelica-rachelaTringas1374611998 3 years

perhaps you're right. but how do you solve the problem now?

anjelica-rachelaTringas1374611998 anjelica-rachelaTringas1374611998 3 years

Wolfcat thank you for the wonderful comments. They soothed my heart. It is refreshing to hear from people who have compassion for children even when they REALLY misbehave. I remember doing some horrible things as a little girl (like taking a live lizard to "court" trying and convicting it of murdering another lizard then sentencing it to die by fire. HORRIBLE!) nevertheless, I am not "hitler" or a sociopathic killer these days. I am just an ordinary mom who has children who are loved by their community and who don't burn animals or poison their teachers. I say all of this to say, no one knows what happens what those poor little children are dealing with at home. Child abuse manifests in different ways depending on the child. For all we know, the parents might be making the kids drink rat poison when they are naughty... They got it from somewhere!

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