They say every mother thinks her newborn is the most beautiful child, but does she treat the lil one that way? A new study by Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital reveals that moms may love pretty babies more than others. The study placed 27 volunteers in front of computer screens that flashed pictures of 80 babies, some healthy and some with abnormal facial features. The subjects were given the ability to keep a photo on the screen longer than the scheduled four seconds, or remove it early. In the end, both men and women kept the attractive babies on the screen, but "for abnormal babies, women exerted greater effort to shorten the viewing time despite attractiveness ratings comparable to the men."

While there are many reasons the women may have avoided the less attractive babies – feelings of empathy, sensitivity to the images, etc. – the researchers concluded that women are less inclined to gravitate toward a child with physical abnormalities. Is it fair to conclude that a mama would love a beautiful babe more than a less attractive one or is a mother's love truly unconditional?