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Summertime Snacks! 20 Pieces of Seasonal Food Art

Jun 25 2014 - 4:32am

Admit it, Moms, we tend to be a little more relaxed with rules during the Summer, especially when it comes to our tots' eating habits. We'll let them enjoy ice cream [1] in the middle of the day, substitute their milk for more refreshing drinks [2], and even let them play with the food on their plates. If your little ones have a talent for creating edible art, why not inspire them with some seasonal dishes? Scroll through to see 20 Summer-themed treats that please the palate as well as the eyes.

Beach Essentials

We love this breakfast's beachy transformation!

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [3]

One Fish, Two Fish

Turn fruit and toast into a cute sea creature.

Source: Instagram user dextermamabistro [4]

Let's Go Fly a Kite

This lunch truly soars above the rest.

Source: Instagram user howaboutcookie [5]

The Little Mermaid

An edible version of a beloved Disney character.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [6]

Sweet Paradise

Palm trees made from fruit are the perfect Summer treat.

Source: Instagram user bambini_pucillo [7]

A Cretaceous Croissant

Your tot won't be crabby when they see this on the breakfast table.

Source: Instagram user anne2matthew [8]

Sail Away With Me

The red-pepper seagulls are a great addition to this sailboat mural.

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [9]

A Fishy Lunch

Baybel cheese is the key to creating this bento box.

Source: Instagram user shannoncarino [10]

Under the Sea

These creatures are almost too cute to eat!

Source: Meet the Dubiens [11]

Poolside Sweets

See how Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons turns Rice Krispies treats [12] into a Summer-themed dessert.

Source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [13]


Slice some grapes and an apple into the shape of a sea creature.

Source: The Southern Housewife [14]

Sweet Octopus

A simple dessert with a stunning presentation.

Source: Instagram user msaeztorres [15]

Sand Castle Creation

This is the one time we'll let our kids eat sand.

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [16]

School of Fish

Re-create an oceanic landscape using fruit, veggies, and cream-cheese-covered bread.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [17]

A Whale of a Breakfast

Who knew yogurt and blueberries could be so fun?

Source: Instagram user hawthornefamilyeats [18]

Dolphin Tale

This blueberry and banana creation makes for a great party snack.

Source: Instagram user dawnn3 [19]

Hello Sailor!

Sail away with the help of bread, mango slices, and lemon!

Source: Instagram user civediamoallesette [20]

Teddy Bear Picnic

All you need to make this cute dessert is blue Jell-O, graham crackers, and a few gummy bears.

Source: Instagram user redbprice11 [21]


Dinnertime has never been so fun thanks to Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons' stuffed peppers [22].

Source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [23]

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Trick your kids with this piece of edible art.

Source: Instagram user jessgowithit [24]

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