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Sun protection for kids 2010-05-15 04:00:59

On Sugar Blog: Shady O'Grady

Lots of moms think out loud, and Jo Aaron does too. Shady O'Grady comes from the Mommy Brain blog at OnSugar.

To shield or not to shield?  That is my question.  Now that I'm on baby number two, I find myself racking my brain to remember how I handled number one's first summer in the sun as far as protection goes.

My son was covered in an unscented, all-natural, department store-bought "baby" sunscreen along with a sunhat which he refused to keep on and one of those cute rash guard surfer shirts that claim to have SPF 200 or something like that.  Basically, he might as well have been inside.


On top of the outfit and skincare, my friends and I would call and organize a plan to ensure someone was at the pool early enough in the day to get the "good" chairs — the ones under an umbrella in complete shade.

I should mention that my friends with daughters had a completely different experience.  Yes, those friends still came early for the umbrellas, but their baby girls looked like they were going to the pool — that is to say, you could actually see skin.  Between my son's long-sleeved swimming shirt, hat and trunks that hit at his little baby ankles, it looked more like he was going to ski school than swim lessons. So why is it that the little girls get to shake their baby stuff at the pool, but the dudes have to wear summer snowsuits?  Does their feminine skin not burn?  Do their parents not care?  Or is it that the swimsuits for little girls are so damn cute that it's worth a little less time in the water?  As a mommy to a baby girl, I'm going with the cute suits.  My daughter is only 6-months old (tomorrow!) and she already has a few suits.  OK, she has a bathing suit drawer, but does my husband really need to know that?  Trust me, the little black and white gingham two-piece and the navy blue one-piece with the little pink hearts will make hours of umbrella time worth every second.

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macky74 macky74 7 years
Oh, sorry - the actual site is
macky74 macky74 7 years
I found this article on sun protection and I thought it would be great to share with fellow mommies. I actually bought one of these sun visors and I am awaiting it in the mail now..
Jo-Aaron Jo-Aaron 7 years
I'm jealous! We're in Chicago, so the sun and warm temps are gifts we get for mere weeks each year which probably makes us a little extreme about our coverage. If we had it as often as you, I would probably be much more relaxed. Thanks for responding!
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I'd just like to add, that our house had a pool and we were in it as soon as it was warm , which was shortly before she turned 6 months. She LOVED it, and was motoring around gleefully.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
maybe im more relaxed then most people... but my daughter wore a one piece bathing suit, a wide brimmed hat, and sunscreen and had a blast. No umbrellas, crazy long shirts, or anything like that. My son will just wear a cute pair of trunks, sunscreen and a hat when he's old enough. I grew up in cali and florida though, so perhaps that has had an influence on me, for better or worse. We were almost always in the water at a beach or pool and it would be miserable to be so covered up. I've already got my kiddos bathing suit this year and its sooo cute!
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