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State All but Bans Counselors From Applying Sunscreen to Campers

A sure sign that Summer's in full swing is the smell of sunscreen in the air. Drop the tots off at camp and mama's likely to be bombarded with the wafts of the lotion carefully lathered on by mom. But if mama's in Maryland and her tot still comes home with a sunburn, don't be surprised! In what's being called the nation's strictest rules on the matter, the state is now regulating who may reapply sunscreen to campers throughout the day, and it's not who you think.

Starting this Summer, parents must sign a form granting their child permission to wear the skin-saving lotions and sprays. They must also indicate whether or not their tot can have assistance from camp counselors. And if a friend wants to help your lil one put on the lotion, think again. Campers are not allowed to aid each other in the process — ever. The state has issued the regulation in an attempt to prevent inappropriate touching at camp (and this current version is more lenient than the first one, which outlawed counselors from applying suncreen at all), but have they gone too far?

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Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 6 years
As a former Preschool teacher, we had parents sign forms giving the teachers permission to apply the daycare sunscreen to make sure they weren't allergic to it. We didn't allowed other children to help apply to their friends because the risk of getting it in their eyes. Bringing up inappropriate touching isn't something I would have ever thought up because the children are wearing clothes that cover their private parts. Or are dress codes different in Maryland camps?!
corcar86 corcar86 6 years
well said Betty! These people are already hired to be taking care of children all day so if they have some secret history of molestation or anything even slightly un-kosher it should have come up way before the time to apply sunscreen! I can understand camps wanting parents to provide their children with their own sunscreen since it can be an extra cost but not allowing someone to apply it is ridiculous and..NEWS FLASH sunscreen is next to impossible to apply on one's own least without ending up with hand print tans and angry red streaks in the hard to reach places!!!
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Totally gone too far! At my daycare, I had to bring in my own sunscreen and sign a form allowing workers to dispense this 'medicine' as needed, but I've never thought once about who's putting it on her. Don't they already have to pass a background check?
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