Jo Frost is offering new parents advice before they even need a naughty mat. The beloved no nonsense nanny who straightens out wayward families on ABC's Supernanny, is now gifting her wisdom to mamas and papas-to-be so they can navigate their way through everything from feeding to teething to setting up routines. And, the parents don't need to star on the small screen to cash in on the goods, they just have to hit their local bookstore. To hear about her book,


In Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care: What You Need to Know for the First Year From America's Most Trusted Nanny ($11), the woman who remained calm even when attacked by wee ones, guides parents through the tough parts of their tot's first year and their changing needs.

An ABC article published an excerpt from the book. It said:

Whether this is your first or your fifth, when you have a baby, you're about to go on an emotional journey that is as unique as the two of you and this child. As any parent of more than one will tell you, no two babies are alike, and no two first years are alike for you or your baby. You may be full of intense feelings of love, or it may take time to bond with your newborn. You may get postnatal depression, or sail right through the hormone changes. You may feel exhausted and overwhelmed, or calm and joyful. Or all of the above on any given day.

Would you buy her book?