Trendy tot Suri Cruise and her mama have always had a passion for fashion, but now they are both rocking high heels! Katie Holmes's 3-year-old sidekick recently strutted her stylish stuff down a Boston street in shimmery shoes. The wee one has worn designer garb since leaving the womb and is often primped and polished, so it's no surprise that her latest footwear selection gives her about an inch on her peers.

When a rumor circulated a while back about the girly girl getting a custom made pair of $2,500 Christian Louboutin shoes, 81 percent of LilSugar readers said the pricey accessory only belonged in a mama's closet. But that wasn't enough to keep users from voting Suri the most stylish tot of 2008. Check out these pics and tell us if you think her shiny peep-toes are totally adorable or too much!