Men and women craving parenthood often do not happen upon it naturally. For many, parenthood comes via IVF, adoption, or surrogacy. Like any birth method, there are risks associated with all forms of birthing, but surrogacy may have the most. There are five states that do not recognize surrogacy contracts, which leaves many vulnerable to losing "their" babies. Such is the case with Michigan couple Amy and Scott Kehoe.

After paying for donated eggs and sperm, the Kehoes agreed to hire surrogate Shelley Baker to be their carrier. The twin babies were born and all was well until Shelley discovered Amy Kehoe had a history of a psychiatric disorder and was a former cocaine user. While her record was certainly not clean, Mrs. Kehoe had doctors and psychiatrists who applauded her efforts and her recovery and deemed her a fit mother. Still, it was not enough for Mrs. Baker. Worried about the babies' well being, she chose to fight for their custody and won. The Kehoes believe they were wronged and that the children were kidnapped from them.

Who do you think should have custody of the babes?