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Holiday Photo Style: Getting the Perfect Picture

Lights! Camera! Family! It's time to snap that perfect shot. We looked to the professionals at Classic Kids to get some tips for taking the most memorable photos. According to the company's founder, Julie Floyd, the key is to keep your subjects relaxed and remember that children do not need to be perfectly posed in order to get a great image. She also recommends:

  • Never say “smile” or ask the children to say “cheese.” The mouth will smile, the eyes will not. You must work for your smiles by entertaining your subjects.
  • Get down to their level. The photographer needs to bring the camera down to eye level. Even lay on the floor if necessary.
  • Fill the frame with your subject. A nice close shot is far more interesting to the viewer than seeing a lot of background.

To read more of Julie's tips, including some to keep in mind when going to a professional photographer,


  • Leave props out of the photograph unless the object is something your child can’t live without.
  • Make the shoot fun. If your family of four kids has to sit still for the picture, be sure that you are very entertaining. Enlist help from another adult if necessary.
  • Let kids be kids. Don’t stress about Band-Aids, braces, bruises, and black eyes. Imperfections are charming and make kids look real. Don’t insist that hair is perfectly styled. Natural truly is timeless.

If going to a professional photographer, Julie offers two additional tips:

  • Choose a photographer who loves kids and will make the experience fun for your children. Don’t give your kids instruction on how to behave during the shoot. Tell them they are going someplace to play and let the professional control the kids and the shoot.
  • Choose comfortable clothes the kids like. Give them a choice of several outfits preapproved by you.


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lawchick lawchick 8 years
that is a cute picture, schnappy! he is a doll.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
We just took our holiday pic (in my profile) for our cards and I think we did most of these things correctly. It certainly wasn't easy, but we managed to get a few cute pics of the baby in between his trying to crawl away or destroy the set. Heh.
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