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Taking Pregnancy Tests With Friends

Pregnancy Test Taking Goes Social With Pee Parties and More!

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post about pee parties.

The journey to conception historically was one that was primarily discussed in the privacy of a couple's bedroom or in a doctor's office. But like almost everything about our lives in the age of social media, the discussion of that journey has moved online and it has become social.

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Women today are no longer charting, trying to conceive and taking pregnancy tests alone. Today she can involve other women online in the entire process. From charting to the moment she thinks she might be pregnant, she's talking about it with her friends online. She can let them know she's leaving to go to the store to get a test. She can even update them that she's in line and will be home in 20 minutes while her friends and strangers online wait to see a picture of the test.


In the BabyCenter Community, we are at the center of the conception trends. We see our members sharing everything about their journey, from finding others at the exact same point in their cycle, to POAS (peeing on a stick) at the same time, even to posting pictures of that test to get other opinions.

The three trends to watch:

Cycle Buddies: Women find other women based on their cycle. Having the same cycle allows our members to update each other daily on their journey and symptoms. They watch each other's charts, compare their experiences and cheer for each other to get that BFP (big fat positive). It's an online friendship and shared experience based on the smallest moment of time and sometimes the most pivotal time in a woman's life.

Pee Parties: Taking a pregnancy test can be a nerve-wracking experience. It can feel like you're the only person experiencing all the emotions that go into that testing experience. To counter that stress, members of our community often test together in a "Pee Party". They test at a set time with other members with similar cycles and share the results. Often other members on BabyCenter know about a pregnancy before anyone in a woman's "real life", many times even before their partners know the big news.

Test Tweakers: Pregnancy test tweaking has evolved from an idea into an art form. We've all probably heard "a line is a line" when it comes to pregnancy tests, but sometimes a faint line can be confusing. If you've ever closed one eye and held a test up to the window to get better lighting you know what I mean. Those skilled in the art of tweaking seem to know when a faint line is a "dye run", when it's iffy and the tester should try again with FMU (first morning urine) and when they can "pull pink" and call it a BFP (big fat positive). Many of the most active tweakers even edit the picture of the BFP with a congratulations message. The test tweaking threads contain drama, anticipation and joy making them some of our most read TTC discussions in Community.

I remember taking a pregnancy test with my fourth baby and posting the pictures in the BabyCenter Community. The line was so light and I just wanted someone else to tell me they saw the lines too. It was also a way to share the news while still keeping it quiet.

All the trends do have one thing in common, they make the process of trying to conceive something that can be shared with others, yet remain private in a woman's offline life. It's almost the perfect blend of support, friendship and privacy, which is why they have proven to be so popular.

Has your journey to conception gone social?

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Source: Flickr user Esparta Palma

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