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Tales of Circumcision, Penile Adhesion

Circumcision Tales Continued

Following babysugar's tale of circumcision woe, our lil team was buzzing about the procedure and the specific circumstances in which fellow mamas found themselves after giving birth to bouncing baby boys. While some had a hard time deciding whether to get their son snipped, others didn't give it a second thought for religious or personal reasons. One colleague said she'd do it again if she had another son though there were issues with her firstborn's circumcision.

One colleague told us the following tale:

There really was no decision to be made when it came to circumcising our son. Given our religious beliefs, he would go under the knife on his eighth day of life by a mohel, a man trained by rabbis and cantors to perform circumcision on Jewish children. Though I was nervous about the procedure, as most new mothers are, I was comforted by the fact that mohels traditionally use a Mogen circumcision clamp which has been found to reduce the time of the procedure as well as the pain compared to the one used by most doctors. On the day of the ceremony, I was probably the one who cried the loudest, and the longest, and after receiving our after-care instructions, took my baby home and cared for him with gauze pads and ointment for about five days.

To see what she discovered at their next doctor's appointment,


During our one month pediatrician appointment, the doctor inspected my son's penis and told me that some of the skin was reattaching, called penile adhesion. After applying some EMLA numbing cream, he proceeded to pull back on the skin that had reattached to the glans. He then applied some ointment to the area to ensure that the skin did not reattach. Though my son cried during the five second procedure, he was comfortable within minutes. We went through the same process during the next three visits to our doctor. When I asked the doctor why it had happened, he explained that it was very common, and just wished that more mohels and obstetricians who performed the procedure would tell new parents to watch for it so that they could correct it at home. Though I wish it had never happened, it hasn't changed my view on the procedure. Should I have another boy, I would call the same mohel and book his services – but this time, I know what to look for during the after care.

Did your son have reattachment issues?


Join The Conversation
Ambrocious7 Ambrocious7 7 years
Lauren, why would you have a dog with cropped ears and neutured???.... You think those procedures are appropriate for a dog?? You can't possibly believe in doing that to a dog and not having a child circumsized. If all of you people understood of it a little better and knew how it affected a child you might think that it's more of the mother decision opposed to it being totally barbaric. I am not religious nor am I opposed to anyones beliefs. I simply had my son circumsized due to personal reasons. If you had a child that was mentally challenged or disabled and uncircumsized then they not only know they are different from "normal" people but they are also ashamed of their body because they have seen that every male around them has no extra skin. And so you know, my circumsized son slept through the entire procedure and had no adverse reactions from the procedure. He's 100% healthy and not a clue it all happened. Get over yourselves people, it's a mothers choice just like abortion or the hiarstyle they choose for thier son or even the outfits they wear. It's all a mother's choice. Now lets move on and go get all our dogs ears cropped!
jmast jmast 8 years
I respect religious beliefs, I really do. What I don't understand, is why if you believe in God, and that he is all knowing and all powerful, why would he make the miracle of a baby growing inside of a woman, and coming out at the perfect time, etc. but OOPS! he forgot to remove the foreskin on a baby boy's penis!?!??!?! Why doesn't anything have to be removed on a baby girl? Or are we going to start removing their breasts shortly after birth JUST IN CASE they might get breast cancer. It just makes no sense to me. And also, don't give me the crap about it not being clean. You teach either your son or your daughter to clean themselves properly...period. I will be giving birth to a son in about 8 weeks and he is not being circumcised.
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
I was unaware that my son's natural penis needed plastic surgery the second he exited the womb. Some people just cannot stand to look at a normal penis, I feel sorry for such non-thinkers. I would never HURT someone that I love.
Sarana Sarana 8 years
I'm against it, it's just wrong to cut in a healthy body. The reattaching just confirms the body is trying to heal, but the doctor keeps stopping it. Aren't doctors supposed to help heal the body?
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
^how come posts like that one are consistently anonymous?
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
Ugh, this again. The American media is so *weird* on this issue.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Why would anyone circumsize a poor child. That is cruel, religious beliefs or not.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
Our son is not circumsized.
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