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Tori Spelling Asks: How and When to Talk Religion With Kids?

We're happy to share a new post from ediTORIal by Tori Spelling, Tori's daily blog about everything from food and fashion to parenting and relationships. This week, Tori asks for advice on how to talk religion with kids

One of the things I love best about ediTORIal is the community we've built here on the site. I really enjoying reading all of your thoughts and comments — I have such hilarious and stylish readers! So, I decided to make a new blog series titled Momvo (mom convo) so we can all share stories and thoughts about hot mommy topics. Hope you enjoy my first Momvo post!

tori spelling's kids

This morning I walked into the kids' room and I heard Liam and Stella talking to each other. Liam said to Stella "you're a Jewish" and Stella said, "No Liam, you're a Jewish." I walked in and said "technically you are both Jewish."


They both asked why and I said, "because I'm Jewish," to which Stella replied, "you're not Jewish, you are just a mom." I then asked them, without having a completely proper answer prepared, if they knew what being Jewish meant. They both said no.

At what age is it appropriate to start talking to your kids about religion and heritage? And what if you and your husband have different religious backgrounds? I know we weren't prepared to have this conversation yet and still completely aren't. Luckily for the time being they were distracted when they heard Dean call "breakfast is ready" from the kitchen.

Leave me your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

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