Hold on one second, the kids are fighting in the backseat. Modern technology keeps us connected...even in the car. Our attachment to cell phones and PDAs means that we are never out of touch and aren't always 100 percent focused while driving! Busy moms who rarely have a minute to call back a friend or shoot an email often use the time they spend in the car to cross some items off of their to-do lists. Using hands-free devices that are required by law in seven states, make many mamas believe they are acting in a safe, and legal, manner.

What most drivers don't realize is that it is not just the act of holding a phone that makes talking while driving dangerous, but the cognitive distraction that is experienced while holding the conversation. An estimated 28 percent of all accidents involve a driver who was talking or texting while on the road. According to FocusDriven, a new organization hoping to convince drivers to put their cell phones away while driving, when people are engaged in a mobile conversation, their brains are not wholly focused on the road, and unlike a conversation with a passenger in the car, there are no additional eyes watching traffic.

Oprah Winfrey recently challenged her viewers to create No Phone Zones in their cars. Would you be willing to make the commitment and safeguard your precious cargo?