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Taser's Mobile Protector: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

Parents who wish they could be flies on their kiddos' walls may be equally curious about their child's cell phone habits. If mom and dad are concerned about their youngster's conversations or texting habits, they can now keep tabs on them with the help of Taser's Mobile Protector. With the use of her own mobile phone or computer, mommy can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, messages, texts, images, videos, and even block certain numbers. For the particularly interested parents, there is an option to listen in on a conversation, though their presence is announced to everyone on the call. And if the child is turning into a chatty Cathy at the wrong times, mom and pop can disable the phone for certain time periods. Can you say quiet family dinner?

So tell mommy, do you agree with the Taser chairman and cofounder Tom Smith when he said, "Basically we're taking old fashioned parenting and bringing it into the mobile world." Or do you think this is parenting gone too far?

Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
63% say this is okay! Shame on you! This won't make them behave. It will just make them sneakier and less willing to open up to you.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
The other features like lock outs and time limits, blocking certain numbers are the better features, imo. It's basically the same things you can set for tv's and internet usage, really. and, sorry, but I just don't believe a teenager needs complete privacy. They are irrational, emotional, and will push as many bounderies as possible. Even the good kids will make stupid decisions, just like adults, except they are just learning to be responsible for themselves. Not to mention, these are excellent things to be able to block for a preteen and still allow them a cell phone for emergencies.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
the degree to which teenagers in the US are mistrusted is what I meant to say
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
I can't believe people think this is okay! People need privacy, even if they are kids. Just like it's wrong to go through their stuff without permission, this is wrong, too. I spend a year as an exchange student in Oregon when I was seventeen and the degree to which teenagers (even the really good ones) are mistrusted by their parents is sick, IMO. My mom has always trusted me. Yes I got drunk, yes I might have had boyfriends she wouldn't have aproved of. But I was still a good kid. I did well in school, didn't do drugs. Let your kids grow up to be responsible persons by teaching them the right way, not by snooping on them!
GMarie GMarie 7 years
Technology has made it possible for teenagers, who are not known for their logic or for thinking things through all the way, to get themselves into some MAJOR trouble with "forever" consequences. Sending nude pictures and sexual texts that can and often do get broadcast to the entire world, not to mention cyber harassment and a whole host of other issues that didn't exist ten years ago are worth the violation of a little privacy (which is not to say I'd go so far as to listen in to phone conversations, but it's generally good policy not to write down and send anything that you don't want the whole world reading anyway - might as well learn that sometime). It's a parent's JOB to know what the kiddos are doing, and it's good for the kids to KNOW their parents are watching - not because teens need to exist in a police state, but because everyone needs help and guidance through that age, whether they think so at the time or not. That said, I think that anything can go too far, and in the hands of a super controlling parent, this could be bad.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
Also, what if parents are using this to invade others' privacy? I'm sure it could be done, all it'd take would be a cell phone number and a really smart computer geek. This is just not a good product idea at all.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
I'm all for keeping up with your kid, but this is just too much. My sister and I are both high school aged, and honestly, if our parents used this on us, we would be livid. Not because we're dealing drugs or secretly pregnant, but because we're different people around our friends. We talk about cute boys and how we failed the chemistry test and that we got demerits for wearing stuff out of the dress code. Stuff that otherwise our parents wouldn't know about. The stuff we keep a secret from them will not hurt us. We're good girls. We talk about how fun it would be to do bad stuff, but we never do it. Not every kid out there is doing bad things. Some are, and for the parents who really suspect their kids are putting themselves at risk, this might be good. But why wouldn't you just talk to your kid? Invading privacy is a huge no-no. I'm sorry, this is is long. It just bothers me that those under 18 have no privacy anymore. I get that we're not full citizens under the law, and that's fine. But that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have private conversations.
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