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Tattoo T-Shirts For Kids

TotTude Tattoo-Sleeve T-Shirts For Kids: Ga Ga or Gag?

We have to admit, we did a total double take when we first spotted photos of TotTude's Tattoo Sleeve Tees on Etsy. We've seen plenty of temporary tats for kids, but an entire arm's worth!? Luckily, we quickly learned that they're not the real deal and instead just an incredibly realistic take on the grown-up trend of having an entire arm's worth of tattoos (or a "sleeve").

TotTudes is the brainchild of a professional children's photographer and mother of four who was tired of seeing the same outfits on the little subjects of her shoots. Inspired to do something a bit more edgy, she came up with her own line of rock-'n'-roll-inspired childrenswear, the centerpiece of which is the sleeve tee. The shirts range from $24-$35 and come in sizes for infants through big kids. What do you think? Would you let your kids rock a tat tee?

MicheleHayes76494 MicheleHayes76494 4 years
Hell no. That's all.
Brandy14909053 Brandy14909053 4 years
I think they're cool. What is the big deal. And for all those quoting scripture, you need to read it all, not just the parts you like. I am a multi tattooed Sunday school teacher, as well as an IT professional with a college degree. Tattoos don't define a person.
Lubster Lubster 4 years
I don't like them, tattoo's aren't anything to aspire to. People wonder why they can't get a job today. Seriously half can't pass a drug test, they others are tattooed, pierced, button ears, you look like a clown. Parents that encourage stuff like this need to wake the heck up.
SueJackson1365920686 SueJackson1365920686 4 years
In reference to my post the other day about my grandaughter, thanks amber link for your comments but we have had a breakthrough with her , her Lesbian , Tattoo artist has finished usung her and kicked her out ( answered prayer for sure) hopefully she has learned a valuable lesson in life who you can trust and who is just using you.
SuzanneStaab SuzanneStaab 4 years
I don't see how those are any different from a printed shirt with any other type of design. They're cute & let's face it, tattoo art has become a mainstream part of pop culture.
Teresa14773114 Teresa14773114 4 years
Oh for Petes' sakes, people! First of all, it's only a shirt! Second- the messages on them are positive. But mainly- stop judging people for their ink! Trust me, there are WAY worse things your kids could grow up to do besides getting tattoos! Some of the truest Christian people I know sport tattoos. The big issue here is that it's JUST A SHIRT.
NatashaSpetz97779 NatashaSpetz97779 4 years
Heaven FORBID they make little devil/demon costumes for kids. Then kids might actually grow up to be a demon/devil after wearing one on HALLOWEEN! AND those awful Pumpkin costumes we put on babies?! What if these kids grow up and act like PUMPKINS!!!! OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!! Get a grip, you prudes. -TattooedMom-
JenifferZvikwete JenifferZvikwete 4 years
Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Prov 22vs6
PEggy14772255 PEggy14772255 4 years
life is too short if u dont hv some fun....these tops are great!!!! i have tattoos too , its up to my kids whether they wan to have inked on their bodies when they grow up tattoos on your body wont affect your personality stop being prude
Ronnie89889 Ronnie89889 4 years
LMAO!!!! These shirts are clearly just for fun! Some of you ladies need to stop being so prude. Pull the stick out and lighten up! In a year or even less the child will grow out of the shirt....hmmm maybe we should buy them in every size hahaha! This is no different than letting your kid leave the house dressed in a super hero outfit. Its just silly that people would take something so innocent and creative and turn into a life sentence of destruction. I mean do you even hear yourselves??
BethKidd32390 BethKidd32390 4 years
My gosh, constantly making a big deal over clothes here. Don't like it? Don't let your kids wear them, but don't go judging those who do. I don't like polo shirts and khakis but I'm not gonna throw a bitch fit over someone who does.
amberlink amberlink 4 years
"SueJackson: I'm sorry but if you think a tattoo of an owl is the start of your granddaughters problems you are as naive as you say she used to be. Its not the tattoo, its the people she is surrounding herself with. As with all types of people there are some bad people who just happen to have tattoo's. That doesn't mean that all people who have them are bad. I have 8 tattoos and one is the beginning of a sleeve. I have been married for 12 years, work full-time, have 2 beautiful honor roll little girls. I own my own home and the police have NEVER been to my house, not to mention I haven't been to prison. Do I sound like a bad person? You need to stop trying to find reason for why she is acting this way and try to get her help. Lastly I would rather my girls sport fake tattoo's then walk around looking like a hoochie, and booty dancing!
SueJackson1365920686 SueJackson1365920686 4 years
Tattoos can be nice and fine but when my 18 year old grandaughter innocently had a tattoo put on her arm who was a quiet nieeve girl , was sweet talked by the tattoo artist 10 years her senior and a single mother and lesbian mixed up with a bike gang the trouble began, twelve months down the track , she has been isolated from family and friends, forcing her to give up her job and take up a position as resident babysitter and lesbian partner, she has plastered satanic tattoos all over her legs and who knows where else. can't afford to pay her mobile phone bill so not being able to contact anyone, completely brainwashed , debt collectors after her and realestate agent looking for her . All this stemming from one innocent tattoo of an owl on her arm, we are just praying that she will come to her senses before its too late if it isn't already. We fear drugs next.
NicoleM17196 NicoleM17196 4 years
"RoseWolf: The only people who judge tattoos are the ones that don't have them." I have tattoos and I don't agree with these "shirts" for kids. People are heading to Hell in a hand basket now a days with all the crap they are pushing on innocent little children. I don't think that children should be promoting stuff like tattoos or wearing the skanky clothing many "parents" are letting their kids wear now a days. JMO
trisha57940 trisha57940 4 years
I want one
LauralChan LauralChan 4 years
I would never buy one of these tacky shirts for my kids. If an adult wants a tatoo, fine. They are mature enough to make that decision. I am all for letting my children just BE children. There is enough time for them to be adults later.
ShawnaRussell40684 ShawnaRussell40684 4 years
I swear to god! If I see one more nasty remark about people with tattoos I'm just gonna lose it! These are shirts folks, not real tats. I have several tats of my own, I'm not a degenerate, a thief, a drug addict or anything else associated with tats! Not all people with tats are bad people! These shirts won't make your kids want to grow up and get real ones and rob a bank! Good lord!
RachelMcKendry RachelMcKendry 4 years
A few years ago I bought a shirt from The Children's Place for my (then) 9 month old daughter. The shirt itself was purple with peace signs and such on the front and the sleeves were just like the sleeves of these shirts... fitted, sheer and made to look like tattoos on the skin. I thought it was adorable. I see no problem with it. Besides, as some have already mentioned, better a shirt than the real deal at such a young age!!
TracyBallegeer TracyBallegeer 4 years
I would rather see my child in one of these than clothing that exposed half their body and sexualized them.
velmacryer velmacryer 4 years
CoMMember13631190685788 CoMMember13631190685788 4 years
I bet they appreciate the publicity.
JuaniceAlexander JuaniceAlexander 4 years
I think they are cute. I'd rather have my child wear a tat shirt than have him/her get a real tat, like in some countries where the parents are taking their babies/kids to tattoo shops to get real tattoos.
CeciliaBailey CeciliaBailey 4 years
These types of sleeves are not new at all. They also sell "fake" sleeves for adults. I don't see why you need to explain to kids it's fake and so on. They are kids, not dumb. I don't explain such things when they wear temp. tats. You can clearly see the bottom of the long sleeve part of the shirt. I think the kid knows it's a shirt!--- As someone else said we don't sit and explain to a child it's fake leopard print and we should not run around skinning leopards for clothes.
momx4 momx4 4 years
I think they are pretty cool, and definitely unique. I would have no problem with any of my kids wearing them, to school or anywhere else (well maybe not church). I really don't see what the controversy would be?
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
To each his own. I'm not a tattoo person and I hope my kids don't get tattoos when they are adults. I don't find these shirts repulsive but I do find them a little "tacky" just as one other person posted. I'm not crazy about many of the long sleeved shirts and t-shirts that have a statement such as "I'm the genius, my brother's the idiot" or "princess", etc. It's all a matter of taste. This is just another silly trend and it too will pass.
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