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Teacher Embarrasses Students by Posting Grades

Second-Grade Teacher Writes Grades on Students' Foreheads

Teachers always want their students to perform well, and getting them to do so can be a difficult task. Many use motivational pep talks or promises of a great college, but one teacher in Texas has taken a more embarrassing approach. A second-grade teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School publicized students' grades by writing them on their arms and foreheads. He has been reprimanded for shaming his students, but parents are still upset over the incident that had been occurring since the beginning of the school year.

To see how parents reacted to the shaming, read the full story at The Stir.

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andreamohess andreamohess 3 years
See, i don`t get it , i don`t understand how strangers go out of their way to separate families because that is exactly what would happen if someone wrote anywhere on my child i`d be in jail. Please for the love of God don`t you ever compare what that stupid individual did to face painting(ppl have my permission to paint my child`s face, I`m standing there when it`s done). For anyone to think that what this teacher did was ok shows the lack of respect you have for your child. Well, i love and respect mine to the MAX. My children do not need a teacher writing on his forehead to ensure his future(dumbest thing i ever heard). My child should not have to tell a TEACHER not to write on his forehead the idiot should know that. In my home along with emergency plans in place we also have a plan if someone F`s with our children, So with that been said if this was my child i would go to the teacher`s home or we would meet in the classroom after school., either way someone`s paying the price. Get mad say whatever you want idk. I will always and stand up for my children.
TatijanaEdisar TatijanaEdisar 3 years
Wow all you teachers and mothers need to maybe have a look at what sort of things you did allow your child have done when they were even younger. How about face painting, stamps, stickers, washable tattoos I can go on. I have witnessed all of these encounters with some form of ink, paint, glitter that has been placed on your child by touching them. Hmmm so is that also abusive and harrassment, its called fun and praise? My daughter will be in prep next year she already outwits the teachers and tells them how it is no is no. Toughen up your kids they are there to learn and are going to be one day having to be the foundations of keeping the world continue to evolve, or we just let them do whatever they want, no way she will put up with whatever she needs to, not that I am worried as she is otherwise bored already in kindergarten. Parents its time you also take note of the actual exercise to point out that your child needs to improve while the others continue at there best. Not all teachers are great but if you know that it is different to what they are teaching well I am certainly going to be saying something. So they should just listen to whatever the teacher says I dont think so. My child knows that she needs to learn to ensure her future. While second grade, well if you went to school psychologically at the age of 7 your child should have already developed all of the cognitive behaviours in the brain for them to know what is right and wrong and agree or disagree with that teacher. The whole idea is to keep challanging our kids and push them harder and you are going to know what they got for there assignments. Humility needs to also be known, teach them that, as if you dont well why should they really care. I am the unique academic, working, all time achiever and am always learning still everyday. What a waste of your life here on earth if you dont boring...but definitely disagree with on the forehead, hand or arm is fine. By the way here in Australia our kids are tested in grade 3 and year 10. All schools and students are listed on a computer database for parents to see the differences and compare schools and then why was the learning curve so different when we follow the same curriculum regardless of public or private. Personal opinion it is how well you have worked and what they have put into it and whether they want to learn. We as parents should monitor homework and assignments so you know what is going on, too late when they have been failing all term. My child will not be able to hide anything as I was pushed by my mother cause she knew I was smart and so my daughter will be no different. Thats when you are a part of moulding them into mature minded adults who will be successful and can be proud of all they have achieved and will thank you for it in the long run. I am not having her working for minimum wages to see her stuggle to survive its a cruel world and it only takes who wants to give. Hope some lessons were learnt as the world issues are not an excuse, I have had it tough and still made it on the other side. Society is weak these days, stop shielding them they will learn and live or suffer and die not really many choices these days. Commando parent!
kjforce kjforce 3 years
Children in todays' world are overwhelmed by issues... both parents working, single parent, divorce, blended families, homeless, hunger..etc. And now they can't rely on a teacher to mentor them ? BUT belittle and berate them ? It is a sad state of affairs when the Children have to suffer for the " stupid and ignorant adults " of society...and we wonder why Children have psychological problems. I feel strongly that as an adult/teacher they should be terminated and not partake in anything to do with children. just my thoughts on the subject.
Kim70468 Kim70468 3 years
Okay so I didn't read the story in full but as a mother of a second grade little boy I don't think I would go as far as firing the teacher... That's too extreme a reprimand is good enough but I would only be upset for him writing on my child not that it was his grade just writing period I teach my child not to write on himself and his clothes or anybody else for that matter I think there's other ways to encourage students to do better as I read before have a row for the a,b,c,d and f students or even post their grades next to the door of the classroom or even post it on the board in front of the class were the class can see it... I am very hard on my child when it comes to school I push him to succeed in his classes and he does... School is one thing I do not and will never tolerate him doing badly in... And it will go the same when my other son gets old enough to go to school... I'm really scared for when this generation is running this country... They are all soft and no backbone they get handed everything and don't have to work for anything and I don't believe in that either.... My kids will work and earn everything they want or need andyes I do spank my kids when they need it and my sons school does have corporal punishment which I am okay with too if my child acts up and needs a spank to get him to straighten up by all means I rather him get a spanking and sent back to class then suspended from school... You may not agree with me but to each their own... And parents saying too young it's never too early to get your kids to do better in school you should want them to succeed from the get go!! It only shows them that as they get older to continue to push themselves to do better through middle school, high school and college
SheriCline60650 SheriCline60650 3 years
Amen! JeanineGray!
JeanineGray1376370891 JeanineGray1376370891 3 years
Shame and humiliation are not the seeds for success. Encouragement and praise are.
missnanny missnanny 3 years
How about all parents get together, write an evaluation of him, and then put it in the paper.
PenelopeJarecke PenelopeJarecke 3 years
Outrageous. In the first place, a teacher should never write on children's bodies. That, in itself, is a violation of their personal space which borders on the abusive. Secondly, grades should never be used to humiliate a child. Humiliation brings pair and discouragement, not improvement. This teacher sounds extremely immature and poorly prepared for his job.
Efayes15076398 Efayes15076398 3 years
It's never ok to write on kids! If it were my child it would have been a major problem for me.
Cate15076210 Cate15076210 3 years
Yep, teacher went a little too far. But I absolutely agree that students in a given class have a right to know what grades they're ALL getting. I believe it DID motivate me when I heard rumors that this one or that one was at the top of the rankings.... Would have liked KNOWING for certain from the very start. It is too bad that this happened, and that the media continues to seem to focus only on bad teachers. But then again, the media seems to be focused mainly on ANYTHING negative. Yes, our teachers are horribly compensated, and there should be a pay differential for successful teachers over inexperienced or ineffective ones.
Harv15024107 Harv15024107 3 years
OK, so she went too far. But let me tell you that other countries are much less concerned about "shaming" kids for bad performance. In China and similar countries that kick our rear ends in math tests, they post scores from 1 to the number in the class regularly, on every test, for all to see. Generally liberal education is too relaxed, too concerned about the feelings of the kids. As a result, we have weak and ineffectual kids. Yeh, the teacher went too far. But I would like to see teachers more willing to buck the liberal trend and take direct action to motivate better performance.
scouter9933 scouter9933 3 years
Our teachers, when I was a kid, would post the grades right by the door or ON the door for all to see. IF you don't do the work, I don't see why you should get away scot free. On the other hand - WRITING on a kid is a NO NO!...
SheriCline60650 SheriCline60650 3 years
Mean people suck.
AmyAyers AmyAyers 3 years
I do not like the idea of the teacher writing on the child, especially on the forehead.However, there is nothing wrong with everyone know each other's grades. When I was in school, the list of grades were posted outside the classroom. Everyone knew each other's grades. A little shame motivates a kid to try harder. It's not bullying. If a kids doesn't want others to know they failed, they need to study harder.
juliadoherty juliadoherty 3 years
While I understand the member below who expressed concerns about the media's portrayal of teachers. THAT IN NO WAY EXCUSES WRITING ON KIDS AND AS A MOM I WOULD BE OUT RAGED AS A TEACHER I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT TEACHERS LIKE THIS ARE REPRIMANDED. In the start where I live teachers are required to obtain a Masters degree. They are equally educated to many other higher paying professions such as attorneys and CPAs yet they are compensated less, receive less respect and are responsible for the precious resource, our children. Teachers have a tough row to hoe in many cases and that is why things like this show up in the news. Teachers need more respect, support, and pay that is on par with their educational attainment and the level of responsibility they take on. It is a stressful job and we all make bad choices sometime but writing on children's foreheads even if you are writing positive affirmations shows an inability to use basic common sense. This is beyond the issue of whether or not shaming is OK. No matter where you fall on the should we or should we not public post grade I would hope you would agree there are at least a half dozen reasons writing on someone else's kids is unacceptable.
LauriCunninghamRay LauriCunninghamRay 3 years
Things are very different today from when I was a child, I'm not that old 52. I think today's kids are growing up way too sheltered, no competition with sports,music,academics, you name it. Our kids today do not have one ioda of coping skills. I personally had a 5th grade teacher who did something similar. He had "ROWS" labeled, A, B, C, D, F. He called the F row the egg head row. If you scored poorly on a exam, you sat in the egg head row. I sat there more than I wanted, and it didn't scar my emotions, what it did was make me work harder & study for my exams. 5th grade folks, 11 years old. Sometimes tough or embarrassing things kick start the "studying" button so next time they can succeed. Sorry folks, this mom of a 21& 26 year old, has no trouble with shaming some kids. I did say that to a kid before, and he said what does that mean! Really!? Shame on this teacher? NO! Shame on the parent for creating pansy kids. These children are the future, they MUST have a BACKBONE to continue all the hard work those before them started. Do you want hesitant soldiers? Do you want a heart surgeon who graduated just cause he showed up for class? How about giving them a license to drive with 15 wrong on the test? Really parents!? Remember what your momma (should have taught you) try harder, you be stronger. Or sticks and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt me! That is ASSUMING that the child in question lacks study habits and determination and is not academically challenged in some way.
PattyCombs1365210201 PattyCombs1365210201 3 years
what is wrong with you people? Second grade is to young? Any age is too young to be bullied and degraded. If this happened to my child I would demand that the teacher be fired. Yes there are excellent teachers and my children have several, but a teacher like this needs to find another line of work.
CoMMember13627601004773 CoMMember13627601004773 3 years
I have a real problem with the media's attempt to constantly vilify teachers. As a teacher AND A MOM I can tell you first hand that the vilification of teachers is in large part responsible for the downfall of the education system in the US. When parents tell their kids that teachers are wrong and they don't need to listen to/respect them, the students/children turn us off, and believe school and teachers are irrelevant. Yes, there are some bad teachers out there, as there are some poor examples in every profession. Why don't we highlight the good teachers? Because you wouldn't want to read about it? What a shame. I thought this site might contain useful information for me as a parent. I was wrong. Shame on me, an irresponsible, stupid teacher.
StacyPowers StacyPowers 3 years
Second grade is way too young for this type of reprimandation. My Son is in second grade and more often than not if a child is making bad grades at this young age it's due to lack of parental involvement or a bad home life. So, the kids he's "shaming" (I would call it bullying) probably already have it bad enough without their teacher, who should be TEACHING them and acting as a mentor, making their fragile lives worse.
MirandaMarchica MirandaMarchica 3 years
I think second grade is too young to do this but I wouldn't be as upset as most if this happened to my fourth grade son. He gets good grades so why not shout it out. If he gets bad grades, maybe it'll motivate him. We coddle our kids too much these days and our youngsters have to grow up to be hardworking and less sensitive adults. How much crap goes on in the workplace these days? Are your kids going to be able to handle it when their boss yells at them or are they going to cry? We, as children, had to endure a lot more than our kids do now and they are not necessarily better off than we were. We have to protect our kids but they need to protect themselves as well. Did any of those kids say no to the teacher and refuse to have their grsde written on their arm? They're too young to argue with their teacher but it's a place to start. Teach them to say no and why. The teacher will probably respect thst child's wishes and his courage.
KeriRozansky KeriRozansky 3 years
You can't shame a kid into good grades. They have to be motivated to want it for themselves, and kids at the elementary level who are really still learning how to learn shouldn't be treated this way. My son's school doesn't even give him traditional letter grades at his age (1st grade). I don't think they get traditional grades until next year or 3rd grade.
jesssmith70699 jesssmith70699 3 years
Why stop with grades? Lets write their medical history on their forehead too. Cuz that's everyone's business. His wife should write his cialis dosage on his forehead. Hey! That's everyone's business too!!!
LisaStiles63591 LisaStiles63591 3 years
First off, if a kid wrote on another kid's skin, they would probably get in trouble. Not to mention the whole... is it a permanent marker? Is the ink possibly harmful to the kid? Etc. Secondly, everyone's grades should be a private matter between teachers, students and their parents. Look at it this way, if you were at work and it was time for a performance review, good or bad, would you want your boss writing her/his assessment across *your* forehead?
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 3 years
well i think 2nd grade is to young for that lol but 5th and high and not a sharpy would be fine by me maybe the kid weill stop thinking that school is to meet friends and for play like most kids do and pick a book up and do better, and you cant tell me that what about the kids that have trouble learning now a days they have so many free things that all the kids should be good maybe if the kids got laughed at a little they start doing better cause god nows i wouldnt want it to happen again,,,,,
629Roo 629Roo 3 years
Reprimanded? A teacher uses a marker/pen to write on my kid I'd demand he get more than reprimaneded.
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