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Teacher Fired For Putting Out Fire

Florida Teacher Fired For Putting Out Fire

Florida teacher Michelle Hammack is seeing red after being fired for putting out a fire at the day care at which she worked, The Huffington Post reports. According to Hammack, she was supervising her class of children when she smelled burning chicken nuggets. She went to investigate and put out an oven fire in a nearby room with an extinguisher while her students were sleeping. Although Hammack's actions likely prevented major damage, her employer, Olga Rozhaov, terminated Hammack because she "broke strict protocol" when she left her students unattended.

Read the whole story at The Huffington Post.

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Michele14757298 Michele14757298 3 years
Well i can see both sides cuz what if the fire was too large to be contained and she couldnt get back to save those kids she left sleeping
Milagros14757029 Milagros14757029 3 years
This is just another example where "common sense"needs to prevail over the "letter of the law". I have witnessed first hand how people get all caught up in the details and fine prints of regulations. What they don't realize is that regulations are guidelines meant to establish the greater good. What could be better than a teacher springing into action to put out an actively burning fire while it is small enough to be contained?! In my opinion, the director should be fired for lack of common sense and for the inability to remain flexible. I'm just saying.
AmberDavis95252 AmberDavis95252 3 years
WOW seriously stupid kitchen staff should be fired not the teacher that saved the place from burning to the ground!!
SamanthaMcLaughlan11451 SamanthaMcLaughlan11451 3 years
Oh my word! Is it more acceptable in America to sit and watch your sleeping class burn to death? I would have done exactly the same thing! That woman should get her job back!
vickibeard vickibeard 3 years
WOW! Olga should have been the one fired for not having adequate help in the classroom like teacher's aides at all times or at least 2 adults to a classroom at all times. Where were the kitchen staff that left food cooking unattended and why weren't they the ones fired?
LisaHall LisaHall 3 years
That is BS! Yeah she broke protocol, but I would rather leave a group of sleeping children unattended for a brief period of time to put out a fire than to wait and have to fight to get all those children up and out of the burning building.
karenbooth karenbooth 3 years
Omg! She did what any normal human being would do.. - prevent immediate harm to those children...that comes first!!!...she should also have had an assistant!
LoriJones4640 LoriJones4640 3 years
No not good for Olga. Where the hell was she when the food was burning n who was suppose to be attending the kitchen? Obviously the smoke alarm hadn't gone off yet n if that teacher didn't put out the fire who knows how big it would have gotten before they did go off. Idk what Florida ratios r but in ny she could of had anywheres from 14 to 16 sleeping kids in a room by herself while her partner is on break. Who knows if those kids would have gotten out on time if she didn't take care of it. Hmmm how easy do u think it is to get that many sleeping children up n moving all by urself and get out fast? I think Olga is trying to take the focus off of herself cuz if she is the one in charge she should know what is going on in the building at all times instead of probably sitting in her office.
DiggyB DiggyB 3 years
Good for Olga. The teacher is only lucky that the burning was something easily extinguished, otherwise, she would have been responsible for leaving a bunch of sleeping preschoolers alone in a room while the building burned. Look at the big picture, here.
NativeAmerican NativeAmerican 3 years
Seems to me the daycare owner should be held liable for wages etc for the teacher. The teacher did the right thing. ANYTHING else she would have done would have endangered the children more. If she decided to evacuate, she would have had to leave several of them alone while she took the others out, and then left them alone to go back in for the rest. Anyone with any sense knows that attempting to wake and get kids moving quickly is usually a losing proposition. She made the sensible choice in finding out what was burning, and then seeing that she could put it out before it got out of control. That is why you have fire extenguishers in the first place. The day care owner is WRONG, no question.
ChristinaPuleo ChristinaPuleo 3 years
Really Olga? You should be fired for being an idiot !!!!!
MaryMcCreery98630 MaryMcCreery98630 3 years
Obviously, Ms. Rozhaov is concerned about her liability & license for the brief period that the children were supervised. However, what is the greater danger and risk, in this situation? My question is, was anyone else in the center at the time? Who was cooking in the kitchen & left the oven on, unattended for so long, that it's contents caught fire? I wonder if Ms. Rozhaov's reaction to the teacher leaving the room was designed to take attention away from the cause of the fire--which may have been an even bigger violation of safety with larger repercussions for Ms. Rozhaov, herself. I would speculate that the employer maybe throwing her employee "under the bus" to save her own skin.
EvangelynaThurman EvangelynaThurman 3 years
Wow. That completely baffles me. I would rather a day care teacher "break protocol" for 2 minutes to make sure the building isn't on fire than to just sit there with her thumb up her butt and ignore obvious signs of potential danger. Someone clearly needs to rewrite the policy. The children were sleeping, she smelled smoke and extinguished an oven fire. She wasn't leaving them in danger, she was leaving them momentarily to PREVENT a dangerous situation from turning into a potentially life threatening situation. Had she ignored it she could have easily been arrested for child endangerment, sued by the parents, died along with the students or injured (once again probably along with a few students) and of course she would have been fired for ignoring a fire. There's no way she could have won either way, at least she did the responsible thing, it's too bad that particular day care is too concerned with protocol to take the situation into consideration. Beware the Florida day care, if the building is on fire your kids are probably going to die since the teachers aren't allowed to leave for 2 minutes to protect them.
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